Student Life

Advisory Program

Our advisory program ensures that each student has consistent contact with one adult, the advisor, throughout the academic year. The advisor keeps informed of a student's progress, offers support and helps with scheduling. The advisor is the first person to whom parents can turn when they have questions or wish to voice a concern. Each advisor has no more than eight student advisees.

A student meets with his or her advisor frequently as time is set aside every day for this purpose. On some days, a student may meet with the advisor to check in and hear daily announcements. On other days, the meeting may be more substantial and the two may take extended time to discuss progress in a class or other issues. Often advisors and students meet simply to chat or to have lunch together. In addition, advisor/advisee groups work together during kitchen duty and may meet together as a group for community activities and discussion.

Each new student is assigned an advisor by the dean of student life, and each spring, returning students are given an opportunity to request advisors for the following year.

'My Advisor Was My Rock at CSW'

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      "My advisor was my rock at CSW. She was there for me at my lowest and my highest points and helped me adjust and feel right at home. She saw me as more than just a student. To her, I was a young adult who was trying to understand the world and how I could change it, and that's something I greatly appreciated.”

      Taj J. ’15
      Bronx, N.Y.

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