College Counseling

The Right School for You

It’s all about finding the right match, so it’s best to start there.
As a counseling program, we are deeply committed to helping our students discover the school that best matches their skills, talents and interests. Additionally, we want students to find a collegiate culture and environment that fits them. We hope that students will find a place that excites and inspires them on the next leg of their education journey. This transition is significant both for students and their families, and CSW has a dedicated team of college counselors who work with students and parents to help, encourage and support them in this process of self-discovery.
Informally, the college planning process begins the moment students enter CSW, with academic advisors and teachers working closely with families to help select courses that balance both academic rigor and the students' own unique interests. During the sophomore year, students, parents and advisors engage in a process called "Mindful Academic Planning," during which students reflect on their strengths, current skills, passions, as well as areas of support. They will be challenged to begin thinking about how they want to contribute to the communities that they are a part of and identify both academic and personal goals for the next few years. The advisor, student, and parent all work together to identify resources and steps that can help the student move in the right direction.
Students are matched with a college counselor in January of their junior year. Throughout the winter and spring, juniors are encouraged to meet with their counselors frequently to get to know each other well, engage in self-discovery, explore college options, discuss standardized testing, and review the college application process. A selection of programs is offered to students and parents to help acclimate them to the college admission process in a contemporary context.
Nearly all our graduates pursue higher education at four-year colleges and universities or a four-year degree program at schools of art or music. A few students take a “gap year” between high school and college to travel, work, or volunteer, however, we encourage all seniors to apply to colleges while they are enrolled at CSW.
CSW graduates are accepted into and enroll in a diverse range of selective colleges and universities, and our college matriculation record reflects our commitment to helping our students find that best match.
As counselors, we embrace a philosophy that allows students and parents a safe space to explore, reflect on, and embrace the college process with a sense of agency and excitement. We try to structure a process that is highly personalized as opposed to a “one size fits all” program.

College Counseling is a relationship-based program, where, more than anything, we strive to know and work with students and parents in a way that is authentic, open, and available. 

College Counseling Office

List of 3 members.

  • Davin Bergquist 

    Director of College Counseling
    Syracuse University - B.S.
    Year Appointed: 2012
  • Sarah Morales 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
    Year Appointed: 2016
  • Ben Ibbetson 

    Spanish Teacher, College Counselor
    Macalester College - B.A.
    University of Connecticut - M.A.
    Year Appointed: 2000
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