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Drawing On History

This course explores how research can inform and inspire drawing. Using simple drawing materials, students create art that engages in critical thinking, while learning about history and expanding the definition of what drawing can be. Using one central historical document, this class encourages students to engage history with a specific focus on a particular human right. The class also provides an overview of the history of text-based art and political art.

The course is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore fundamental human rights that are documented in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and to apply their research and understanding to the creation of a small body of drawings on their chosen topic—one of the thirty articles from the UDHR.

The major goal of the course is to create a body of drawings that explore human rights, emphasizing the quality of inception and production rather than quantity. Students explore the interaction images and text, use letter stencils, and learn about design while developing a final project that incorporates their individual research. A focal point in the course is the exploration of various levels of developing content, via symbolism and iconography—pointing toward a topic—and how “read” symbolism.

The research project incorporates exploration of a selected UDHR article and a real-world contemporary comparison. All drawings in this class centered on the use of text as a graphic means to convey subject and meaning while incorporating visual imagery of the student's own choosing. Students will leave the course with an increased sense of design, an expanded notion of what art can be, and refined strategies for folding research into art-making.

Summer Introduction to English Academic Writing

This class is modeled on the first half of the 9th-grade Writing Foundations Workshop at CSW. In the Summer Introduction to English Academic Writing, students will learn how to use the writing and revision process to write a personal essay, a persuasive essay, and/or a poem. Since this is a writing workshop class, the expectation is that students come prepared to write and engage in a community of student writers. All writing for this class is public. Because writing and reading are an inseparable pair, students will practice closely reading models of the types of writing on which they will work. Students will also engage in a reflective practice to consider their writing journey and how they can make intentional rhetorical choices.

Summer 2022 Program Details

Due to the on-going Pandemic and the recent surge cases of the Omicron variant, this year's Global Summer Academy will be held virtually only. We are planning to resume the on-campus program next summer.

Dates: July 11 to July 22, 2022
Enrollment: 32 Students
Ages: Grade 7 to 12
Tuition: $1,200

  • Oct. 15, 2021: Applications Open
  • March 21, 2022: Applications Due
  • April 1, 2022: Announce Admissions

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