Independent Study

Even with 300 courses, we might not offer the exact class on the topic about which some students may be interested in learning more. They may want to delve even deeper into a particular subject area—for instance, to follow the social and political effects of the Beat Generation.

In those cases, students who have demonstrated initiative and responsibility necessary for independent study may be allowed to design a course on their own. Students will work with a faculty member to plan the course with readings, resource materials, and assignments related to the topic at hand.

All independent study must be approved at least a module in advance by the Academic Office, and requires a written proposal from the student, signed by the student’s advisor, the teacher of the independent study, and the department head. Some recent independent studies include: a study of String Theory, a course devoted to writing the first novel, and an interdisciplinary chemistry and art study about the creation of paint.

"I was allowed to be independent and work based on what I wanted to do."

"For my independent study, I worked on a documentary film about gender identity and expression. I talked to a wide range of people about how they’d grown up and what they’d experienced and put their words together in story form. Throughout the process, I was allowed to be independent and work based on what I wanted to do. I don’t think I could have done that somewhere else."

— Hannah, Taylor, MI

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