Technology in the Classroom

Our fully wireless (and wired) campus provides students and teachers with a limitless environment to connect and share. There are a number of ways that technology is weaved into the classroom for project-based, hands-on learning and collaboration. Across disciplines, teachers require students to utilize online tools for research, to blog or journal online, and to engage and exchange in debate on web forums. Some classrooms are equipped with SMART board technology, which allows teachers to deliver dynamic lessons on an interactive white board. As a progressive education institution, CSW emphasizes an intensive academic program that challenges our students to be inquisitive, innovative, and invested learners, with a strong emphasis on independence in their pursuit of learning. CSW maintains a bring your own (BYO) laptop policy for all students and fully integrates the Google Apps for Education system into our academic program. 
The YUM Lab (Youth Understanding Media) is full-scale media lab, located in our art building, designed to help students  utilize and understand computer technology as it is used in graphic design, film editing, mathematics and science, and visual arts. Courses such as Digital Photography, Digital Collage, Film Scoring, Programming and Documenting Flora, and Design and Construction have utilized the YUM Lab for its lessons. The Lab is open to students during the school day and in the evenings until 9 p.m.

Did You Know?

Students and faculty have access to iPads that can be checked out for personal and school use. The iPads are available through the library and can be on loan for short periods of time, like weekends and mod breaks. 

Technology Office

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Russ Jarowski

    Russ Jarowski 

    Director of Strategic Technology
    Year Appointed: 2018
  • Photo of Jenna Wolf

    Jenna Wolf 

    Director of Library & Technology Integration
    Year Appointed: 2017
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