Off Campus Study

The world itself is an amazing and engaging classroom, and CSW students have the opportunity to break away from campus to explore nature, language, history, and culture first hand in the places where it all happens.

The flexibility within our Mod Plan allows for students to travel for a mod to document flora and fauna in the rain forests of Panama, while learning Spanish language and culture, or travel to Hurricane Island in Penobscot Bay, Maine to study marine life with the Hurricane Island Foundation.

Students alternate travel every year to Quebec City and to Paris to study French language and culture. In recent years, students traveled to Beijing and throughout Taiwan to study Mandarin and traditional Peking Opera. Additionally, students can include an off campus component to their Capstone Project.

Where in the World?

As a student, you can take advantage of the Mod System's flexibility and spend an entire Mod off campus immersed in language or science study with your classmates. Our students travel to:

Panama (Science and Spanish Language)
• French-speaking Canada (French Language)
• France (French Language)
• China and Taiwan (Mandarin Language)
• Hurricane Island, ME (Marine Biology)
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