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For more than a century, The Cambridge School of Weston has fostered tight-knit communities. Students discover who they are and what their contribution will be: to their community and to the world. Many graduates apply their experiences and passions developed at CSW into brilliant career paths and exploration. CSW alumni/ae do great things.

"It was a CSW teacher who suggested I enter a minority student engineering program, UNITE (later called MITES), at MIT during the summer of my junior year. That program exposed me to biomedical, civil, and aerospace engineering. I returned to CSW my senior year with a renewed focus on a career as an aerospace engineer…. I can still remember that “aha” moment when we were taken downstairs to the pool table to get a hands-on  understanding of vectors and magnitude in physics class."

Aprille Ericsson '81
Defense and Space, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
"I’ve been a professor at MIT for over 30 years now, and like CSW, MIT is a place that values intellectual curiosity and individuality. I strive to do for my students what teachers and students at CSW did for me. It’s a very high standard."

Eric von Hippel '59
Professor of Technological Innovation, MIT Sloan School of Management
“After receiving both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, I can still say that CSW provided me with one of the most enriching academic experiences of my life, complete with in-depth analytical discussions, classmates from all around the world, and opportunities to study abroad. Furthermore, CSW requires students to have a work ethic and capacity for self-direction that prepared me well for college!”

Hannah Clark Steiman ’98
Chief Operating Officer, Peak Support
"Deciding to attend CSW was without a doubt the best (and perhaps most important) decision I have ever made. Being supported and affirmed by the CSW community for four years gave me the self-confidence to forge ahead with my passions. CSW taught me to never say never, and that is easily the most important lesson I learned while there.” 

Eli Plenk ’08
Senior Fellow, Humanity in Action, Ed.M. Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education

"CSW taught me that ‘the other’ was not something to shy away from and gave me the freedom and ability to discover who I was in a very real sense. It was an incredibly impactful experience for me."

Mark Culliton '82
Founder and CEO, College Bound Dorchester, a non-profit that uses education as a means to transform neighborhoods.  

"At the most basic level, CSW has this really amazing quality of not having a standard barrier of what is normal. Looking back at my time at CSW, it’s that quality of openness that I remember most. Arriving as a junior, and having moved across the world, I felt lucky to have found a place that was so welcoming, and a place that celebrated eccentricities."

Hannah Hughes '05
Deputy Director of Donor Relations at The Obama Foundation
"Having the opportunity to return to CSW and pass on any fragment of what my teachers imparted on me is a true gift and something I have actively made time for every chance I'm able to make it back to town. Dance Chair Nailah Bellinger breeds such a passion in her students and doesn't let them accept anything less than their best attempt in learning and pushing their boundaries, regardless of concern over the outcome. It's a lesson that has served me deeply in my career and one that makes the students a joy to teach!"

— Adrian Hoffman '12
Professional Dancer/Choreographer, Cantankerous Creatures

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The Cambridge School of Weston is a progressive high school for day and boarding students in grades 9–12 and PG. CSW's mission is to provide a progressive education that emphasizes deep learning, meaningful relationships, and a dynamic program that inspires students to discover who they are and what their contribution is to their school, their community and the world.