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Skills Center

The Skills Center

The Skills Center provides an opportunity for students to improve their academic skills and begin to understand their individual learning styles. Students address executive function skills such as planning and prioritizing, task initiation, sustained attention, working memory, and self-advocacy. They also learn to apply academic skills such as active reading, expository writing, class participation, note taking, and oral presentation to their coursework. All students leave the class with a “toolkit” that includes personal reflections and strategies to reach their outlined goals.
  • Students new to the Skills Center will assess their strengths and weaknesses through self-evaluation exercises and learning self-portraits
  • All students will outline specific goals for the module, work to improve skill deficits, apply newly learned skills to their course work, and improve study habits and strategies
  • Students without courses that require regular written work also follow a Skills Center syllabus that focuses on specific skills and strategies
  • With permission from the Academic Office, English Department Chair, and Skills Center Director, students may earn English credit for Skills Center courses
  • All students are expected to meet homework requirements for their other courses
The Skills Center is available every module during A, B and C blocks, and some modules during D block. Students receive a letter grade. With special permission, students may take a Skills Center course during the academic day on a P/F basis.

The Skills Center is also available in the evenings from 7–9 p.m., Monday-Thursday. Students are graded on a P/F basis.

Students may take one A, B, or C class and one Evening Skills class per year free of charge. There is a fee for subsequent Skills Center courses taken after the first one per year.

The Skills Center Director also makes referrals for neuropsychological testing and private tutoring/coaching as needed.

Department Faculty

  • Marci Cohen

    Skills Center Director
    Lesley University - M.Ed.
    University of Massachusetts - B.A.
    Year Appointed: 1995
  • Elizabeth Hayes

    Evening Skills Teacher
    Year Appointed: 2010
  • Erica Martin

    Skills Center Teacher
    University of Michigan - B.A.
    Boston University - M.A.
    Year Appointed: 2012
  • Jeremy Walters

    Evening Skills Center Teacher
    Year Appointed: 2015
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