Maya Rabin '22 Receives Haiti Young Ambassador Award

Maya Rabin '22 was awarded the Haiti Young Ambassador Award from the non-profit organization Haiti Projects. This organization works to uplift women and girls in Haiti through entrepreneurship, education, and sports. Several years ago they started the first soccer league for girls in Haiti. In this short time, the soccer league grew from 10 girls to 500 girls, a great feat in such a traditional society, which traditionally does not allow girls to participate in sports. 
The girls in the league receive uniforms, coaching, meals, women's health education, and spend time in the library. Teen pregnancy in Haiti is at 30%, but at the girls' league, teen pregnancy is at 0%, a true testament to the education provided by Haiti Projects. These resources not only give them a boost in confidence, but they also provide life skill building, nutrition, and medical attention. 
Maya, an avid soccer player since the age of three, has been working with the organization on their soccer initiative for over five years and has been able to recruit the support of organizations like Zappos, New Balance, Newton Girls Soccer, and others, to finance the girls soccer league and women's health clinic. Recently, the non-profit awarded Maya its inaugural Haiti Young Ambassador Award for her multi-year work on behalf of the girls' soccer league. Great job Maya!
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