Alison Safford Participates in Residency with the International Bone China Symposium

Art teacher Alison Safford is participating in a virtual residency with the International Bone China Symposium in Kaunas Lithuania.

During normal times, Alison would have completed her residency in Lithuania, but due to the pandemic, she is participating virtually. Her interest in 3D printing with the bone china led her to work and collaborate with emerging Lithuanian artist, Uršulė Baužaitė.

Her work looks at "what we take from the earth, and leave in the earth, with the goal of better lives that end up making our life quality worse and shorter." The work furthermore explores the concept of how "the longing for immortality impacts our mortality," Alison shares. Uršulė will focus on plastics in landfills, while Alison is focusing on coal extraction and the human toll it takes on the workers. The work will result in an installation of forms related to both the plastics and coal mountains, with some projected images on both.

To virtually complete her work, Alison scans her sculptures, actual anthracite (a form of coal), and sends Uršulė the files, which she then prints.

"It's been really amazing to send her the files in the afternoon, and wake up the next morning to see 3 or 4 prints from my scans," says Alison.

We look forward to following along as the work progresses!
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