Tianrui (Aria) Yang '25 Receives Marine Art Contest Award

CSW's Tianrui (Aria) Yang '25 recently received a third place award in the high school division of the Marine Art Contest Award for her submission "Pink-hearted Hydroids." Aria has drawn marine species such as whales and fish in the past, but this was her first time hearing of pink hearted hydroids and she became intrigued. 

The 2022 Marine Art Contest for grades K-12 is sponsored by Massachusetts Marine Educators and Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and this year's theme was "Exploring the Biological Diversity of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary"  

Aria says while creating this piece, she actually learned a lot of new drawing techniques and ways she likes to work, and even gained an interest in marine species.
The sStellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, located east of Boston and between Cape Ann and Cape Cod, protects an area of the Gulf of Maine renowned for its productivity and biological diversity, including a variety of whales, seabirds, fishes, and invertebrates. Students were challenged to explore the spectrum of species and depict one or more representative species, show a predator-prey relationship, or illustrate diverse species in a sanctuary habitat. 

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