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Strategic Initiatives

Our Four Pillars

Our Four Pillars

Planning for the future of The Cambridge School of Weston is vital to ensuring our continued strength as a progressive and innovative institution. Four key initiatives form the central architecture of our strategic plan: Health and Wellness, Global Engagement, Social Justice and Teaching and Learning. In addition, integrated into these key initiatives are two connecting strands: financial and environmental sustainability and model use of technology use and digital media. In the last decade, we have worked towards building a CSW that reflects not only our values as a progressive institution but strengthens our position in these key areas.
Health and Wellness
Health and Wellness is central to our core mission to enable our students to become thoughtful, creative, socially responsible, healthy adults. We aim to enhance our facilities, curriculum, and programmatic offerings to support physical, emotional, social, and spiritual growth and development. At CSW, Health and Wellness is seen as more than just curriculum or a facility—it is a way of life. We strive to foster knowledge and experiences to allow members of our community to understand the components of good health and to pursue their vision of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
Global Engagement
Understanding and appreciating global issues is a critical component of being a well-educated citizen of the 21st century—it is at the heart of a socially conscious individual. As such, we strive to increase students’ awareness of other cultures and teach how our interactions with them can lead to solutions to key international environmental, economic, social and political issues. 
Social Justice
Learning how to form a more socially just world and recognizing our place in it, both as individuals and as a community, is essential and integral to the mission and values of CSW. Believing in, understanding, dissecting, and living Social Justice through a diverse and equitable curriculum, through encouraging debate, discussion and participation, as well as modeling it through our own teaching, hiring, and operations helps students, faculty, and staff develop empathy, compassion and respect for humanity and helps foster fairness, equality and peace in the world.

Learning and Teaching
We believe it is essential to not only to lay the educational foundation necessary for our students to thrive amid the rigors of college, but also teach skills that reflect the dynamic changes and needs to thrive in the 21st century. As part of this process, we are evaluating what skills we see as essential to a 21st century classroom, evaluate what are we currently doing well and what we could like to be doing better, and how we should move forward to prepare our students not only for the here and now, but for the future.

Examples of Our Vision in Action

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  • Health and Wellness

    Our campus master plan focuses on the construction of a new Health and Fitness Center, which incorporates not only athletics, but also nutrition, mindfulness, and overall health of the community and individual.
  • Global Engagement

    We recently partnered with the Yihai School in Beijing to provide our students with a school in China to further their studies in Mandarin, as well as provide opportunities for Yihai’s elementary school students to explore creative arts study in our Summer Arts program.
  • Social Justice

    CSW is proud to be the first independent school in the country to have a social justice graduation requirement. Our curriculum boasts a variety of courses that reflect the diversity of our society and our world. Students can take courses in English, history, art, and other interdisciplinary subject areas that delve into issues of immigration, race, poverty, and gender.
  • Learning and Teaching

    We launched the Progressive Education Lab, a visionary program that trains teachers how to be teachers in the same way we teach our students – through exploratory, experiential learning. Our curriculum teaches students critical 21st century skills, such as active political discourse, critical thinking and analysis, and openness in mind and action.
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The Cambridge School of Weston is a day and boarding independent school, located near Boston, for students in grades 9-12 and PG. We offer an innovative and rigorous academic program that fosters critical thought, hands-on experiential learning and deep academic inquiry. Students choose from more than 300 courses through our unique Mod System; no two student schedules are alike.