Academic Program

Graduation Requirements

At each grade level, students are required to take specific foundational courses and additional electives in English, history, mathematics, science, languages, and the arts. Every student is required to earn 21 block credits per year by taking at least three academic classes in A, B, and C Blocks per module each year. At CSW, four intensive blocks of study represents a year’s worth of work in one subject. In addition, each year, students are also required to take a certain number of D Block classes, when most athletic and other extra-curricular activities take place.
International students are not required to take a language other than English. All other graduation requirements, however, are expected of international students.

Each year, students work closely with their advisors and the academic office to create their academic schedules. The flexibility and variety of our Module System ensures that all of our students graduate are fully prepared for the academic rigors of college—and beyond.

Graduation Requirements

By graduation, our students will have completed:

• The equivalent of 4 years of English
• The equivalent of 4 years of mathematics
• The equivalent of 2.75 years of United States and world history
• The equivalent of 3 years of science
• Language classes through Level III
• The equivalent of 1.75 years in the arts
• A yearly commitment to D Block classes, based on grade level
• Health Education
• 2 blocks of School Service in grades 11/12
• 3 credits of athletics each year
• A Capstone Project in their senior year
• 15 hours of community service per year
• 12 designated Social Justice courses from various disciplines over four years
The Cambridge School of Weston
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The Cambridge School of Weston is a day and boarding independent school, located near Boston, for students in grades 9-12 and PG. We offer an innovative and rigorous academic program that fosters critical thought, hands-on experiential learning and deep academic inquiry. Students choose from more than 300 courses through our unique Mod System; no two student schedules are alike.