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Mapping Meaning

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Mapping Meaning
In CSW's Wearable Art Course, students are challenged to create art that can be worn on the body. Using both traditional and non-traditional materials, Wearable Art students explore sculptural techniques and thematic concepts, learning to manipulate and transform materials in new and creative ways. Final designs are shared with the community at the Wearable Art Fashion Show, presented annually at the Evening of the Arts and at the End of Mod 3 Show. It's a sight not to be missed!

Student Q & A

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Can you describe one of your favorite map projects from Mapping Meaning?

    “For one project, I chose to map how I experience sound at CSW. I tried to document noise levels in different buildings, and where the noise levels change. After looking at all the information, I thought about how I associate colors with sound, and decided to play around with this idea. I tried to match colors and shapes to the sounds through the lens of my own synesthesia, and hopefully created something that shows one person’s experience of sound at our school.”

    - Harper '16
  • Q. Can you tell us about a memorable assignment from class?

    "For one assignment, we had to make a series of five maps. I created five three-dimensional representations of the art building. I collected data from students to understand where people spend the most time, and tried to visually recreate this through wire sculptures. I mounted the five wire pieces on paper to ground them, and encouraged people to interact with the pieces and look at them through different angles.”

    - Jessica '16
  • Q. What did you take away from Mapping Meaning?

    “In Mapping Meaning, I learned that there is more than one way to make and view a map. Maps don't just have to direct us to and from places, but they can tell stories, emotions, histories, and so much more. I actually really enjoy looking at maps now, because I know there is something more to it than just lines and words on paper. I now see my everyday life in a type of map, and think about the patterns I make throughout the day - where I frequent most, the emotions I feel in those places, and other ‘unmappable' things.”

    - Merissa '15

Course Description

Mapping Meaning is an Integrated Studies course for 11th and 12th grade students. The class explores the intersections of geography, statistics, urban planning, history, sociology, art, and architecture as a means of viewing our world. Over the five-week course, students analyze combinations of ideas, events, places, people, information and time in new ways, learning to read and dissect processed information, make new connections, and reach a deeper understanding by using multiple lenses that would otherwise go unused.
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