The Capstone Project

All seniors are required to complete a Capstone Project that demonstrates the interdisciplinary, critical and creative thinking skills they have learned at CSW. Students work closely with their capstone advisors to develop and propose a topic to explore in depth over the course of the year. Students are encouraged to think beyond traditional classroom curricula to choose a topic that is of interest to them and connects to the interests of a wider community.

As part of the project, students are required to keep a journal throughout the duration of the project and write a statement that reflects on their own personal and intellectual growth. The project culminates with a presentation to their peers and members of the Capstone Committee.

List of Recent Capstones

  • The Neuroscience of Language Learning
  • Body Positivity in Education 
  • Designing and Building a Drone
  • Building a Rube Goldberg Machine
  • Creating a Hydrogen Engine for a Moped
  • Breaking the Binary: Narratives of Race and Gender
  • Exploring Alternatives to a Two-Party U.S. System
  • Analyzing California's Response to the Drought 
  • Developing Solutions to Third-World Public Drinking Water Issues
  • Combining Quantum Physics Research with Art 
  • AC Current and the Functioning of the Tesla Coil

Tesla Coils in the Classroom

For his capstone, Farid studied Tesla coils with the intention of designing and constructing his own to donate to the CSW science department. Farid met professors at MIT and Brandeis University, created his own design, and constructed his own Tesla coil and picked up other unexpected skills, like soldering and coiling. 

Bridging the Gaps Between Art & Calculus

Lena has always been fascinated by the connections of visual art and mathematics. For her capstone, she created three large paintings that bridged the gaps between art and calculus. Her paintings explored self and personhood, "especially around the parts of us which are infinite or finite." 
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