CSW Model UN Conference 2019

On behalf of the CSW Model United Nations Club, we are pleased to welcome you to the CSW Model United Nations Conference 2019.

Conference Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019
Delegate Registration Fee: $40 (Includes continental breakfast, lunch, and an optional Ice-cream social).
Additional Fees: $100 deposit is required from each school to secure registration by March 31, 2019.
NOTE:  There are no moderator fees. However only ONE adult moderator affiliated with your school may register. No delegate should register or attend the conference without an accompanied school approved adult.

Questions? Please email cswmun@csw.org

Letter from the Secretary General

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,
We are incredibly excited to announce the second annual Model United Nations Conference at The Cambridge School of Weston. Last year's conference was a huge success, we invited 25 schools around the Greater Boston Area. As your secretary general, I am looking forward to meeting you all this spring.
We founded this conference to allow youth from the Massachusetts area to research and debate points of views that they may not personally hold. We feel that a key step to building a better world is listening to dissenting opinions, and a great way to learn how to do this is by arguing for that opinion yourself. Only when one has walked in the shoes of both their allies and opponents can they successfully reach a mutually beneficial resolution to their problems.

The United Nations depends on the cooperation of all 193 Member States, each with their own unique interests and concerns. Because of this, each delegate has the opportunity to delve deeply into their assigned countries and make good use of their creativity and diligence.

There are so many issues in the world and there are too few people motivated enough to fix them, which is why the theme of the conference is 
“Youth and Diplomacy.” By getting more youth motivated to pursue a career in diplomacy, we aim to plant the seed to a world in which every issue can be solved with pen and paper, rather than by annexing cities on your country’s border.

Please note that this
is a setting in which one must act as though they are representing their assigned country. Because of this, we expect delegates to respect CSW’s property, as well as the property of the other delegates attending the conference. In addition, we expect every delegate to behave in an acceptable manner. Though it has happened, most countries’ representatives do not take their shoes off and bang them on the podium. If we find that a delegate is disrespecting a chair, a delegate, or the property of CSW, they will be asked to leave and will not be refunded their deposit.

We understand that there may be some newcomers to Model UN, and because of that, we have included a basic delegate guide to parliamentary procedure on our website.

If you have any questions please email us at cswmun@csw.org.
In service and leadership,

Amanda Gu
Secretary General, CSWMUN 2019

Interested in chairing a committee?

We are delighted to announce an exciting chairing opportunity at CSWMUN, students have the opportunity to co-chair a committee. Chair application is now open, please visit the Registration page. We will still charge $40 per chair.
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