The CSW Family Engagement Network (FEN) is a volunteer structure that facilitates communication with school administrators, promotes  parent networking and awareness, provides programs to engage and maintain the parent community and supports the school’s philanthropic events and activities.

Any parents or family members who would like to be involved in the Family Engagement Network are encouraged to check out the parent volunteer opportunities list.

Guiding Principles

In pursuit of its mission,  FEN operates under the following guiding principles:
  • Communication
    • Facilitate communication between the school and parents and provide communication vehicles for intra-parent dialogue and support.
  • Service
    • Support the goals of the school in serving others and help to fill the service needs of the school.  Coordinating efforts with the school administration to ensure that the nature of its activities and the manner and timing of its efforts are consistent with CSW’s educational and financial needs.
  • Advancement
    • Support the school in fundraising and admissions efforts throughout the school year.
  • Community-Building
    • Foster a culture of inclusion, involvement, and mutual respect.

Structure and Appointments 

The Family Engagement Network Leadership is overseen by a Chair and Co-Chair and includes two grade representatives from each grade and committee chair(s) from each committee.

There should be three meetings annually for the entire Family Engagement Network (kick- off meeting, mid year meeting, and end of year meeting and celebration) most of the work will be done by email, phone etc.  

Appointment Process:
  • The Chair and Co-Chair will be appointed by the Director of Parent and Alumni/ae engagement. The Chair and Co-Chair position can be held for up to 2 academic years.
  • The grade representatives will be appointed by the Chair and Co-Chair in consultation with the Director of Parent and Alumni/ae engagement.  
  • Volunteer Committee Chair(s) will be appointed by the Chair and Co-Chair in consultation with the Director of Parent and Alumni/ae engagement.  

Leadership Descriptions:

The Chair and co-Chair are representatives of the entire parent community. The following responsibilities will be shared between the Chair and the Co-chair:
Meet regularly with the Director of Parent Engagement to strategize, implement, and monitor CSW Family Engagement Network programming and volunteer committee work
  • Provide a warm welcome to the parents at all community events and play an active role in orientation activities
  • Play an active role in fundraising and advancement of the institution
  • Represent CSW Family Engagement Network at key all school events; including brief remarks
  • Attend all end of mod coffees/events
  • Act as a liaison between CSW parents and the school
  • Organize and coordinate chairs of all FEN committees
  • Provide assistance for recruiting volunteers
  • Communicate regularly and organizes quarterly meetings with Grade Representative and Volunteer Committee Chairs

Grade representatives

Grade representatives are responsible for building community with their grade  and work closely with the Chair and Co-Chair:  Each grade representative assists in organizing grade-specific parent gatherings, assists in sharing school information via email or phone calls, and represents CSW at all school functions (admissions events, development events, all school events).

(1 representative each)
  • Grade 9 day/boarding
  • Grade 10 day/boarding
  • Grade 11 day/boarding
  • Grade12 day/boarding

Meet the Development Team

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Erica Cabag

    Erica Cabag 

    Director of Annual Giving
    781 398 8354
    University of California, Riverside - B.A.
    Year Appointed: 2019
  • Photo of Timothy Clark

    Timothy Clark 

    Database Administrator
    Emory University - Ph.D.
    St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary - M.A.
    Yale University - B.A.
    Year Appointed: 2017
  • Photo of Michelle McLaughlin

    Michelle McLaughlin 

    Development Coordinator
    Framingham State University - BA
    Year Appointed: 2008

Every Volunteer Counts!

Your time, your talents and your energy all help support programs and events critical to the life of the school. We are profoundly grateful to all who support the school with their time and efforts.

Have you considered teaching a D Block class? Would you like to mentor a student? Share your experience with our community? These are just some of the many ways you can get involved in life at CSW. Have another idea? Please share—we welcome your suggestions.  Contact us today!

Class of 2024 Representatives

    • Talitha Reynolds P'24

      Marblehead, Massachusetts

    • Rebecca Loren P'22, '24

      West Newton, Massachusetts

Class of 2023 Representatives

    • Chris Isleib P'23

      Barrington, Rhode Island

    • Folashade Solomon P'23

      Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Class of 2022 Representatives

    • Martha Hausman P'22

      Newton, Massachusetts

    • Julie Tishler P'22

      Newton, Massachusetts

    • Kari Horstmann P'22

      Newton, Massachusetts

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