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Affording a CSW Education

In the rolling phase of our admissions process, financial aid is limited.
Please email financialaid@csw.org for more information. 
We are committed to working closely with every prospective and current family to make a CSW education possible. This section presents financial information families need for their educational planning. It outlines the options we have developed to help families afford an education at The Cambridge School of Weston and lets you know how to pursue them.
Current Costs
Thanks to generous contributions from CSW alumni, friends, present and past parents, and income from our summer programs and endowment, we can set tuition for all families substantially below the actual cost of a CSW education.

Tuition for 2024-2025 is $60,850. for day students and $75,200 for boarding students. Additional expenses range from $350-$4,500 for books, transportation and incidentals.

For questions regarding financial aid contact financialaid@csw.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Are decisions about admission and financial aid made separately?

    Yes. The admissions committee selects students for admission without knowledge of who may have applied for financial aid.
  • Q. If a student is admitted and demonstrates financial need, will they automatically receive a grant?

    Each year more qualified applicants apply than we are able to support with our financial aid budget. Therefore, not every qualified applicant can be guaranteed the financial support that might be needed for them to enroll and attend CSW. We keep a short financial aid waitlist for admitted students who we are not able to fund in the first round of offers. In the event that additional funds become available, students on that waitlist may be offered financial aid awards. 
  • Q. Is financial aid available for international students?

    Yes. We offer limited aid for families who qualify. In most cases, the maximum grant available would cover 50% of full tuition. If you are considering applying for financial aid, please email financialaid@csw.org for more information.
  • Q. How much financial assistance is available?

    CSW currently awards almost $4 million a year through its tuition assistance program. Individual awards range from roughly 10% to nearly full tuition.
  • Q. How much does it cost to apply? Are fee waivers available for the cost of the application?

    There is a $60 non-refundable fee to apply. Waivers are available based on income and are determined by Clarity.
  • Q. Do many families qualify? Who should apply?

    Roughly 30% of the student body receives financial assistance, and grants range in size partial and nearly full grants to students who qualify. Families with a wide range of income levels apply for aid. 

    Example financial aid case studies
  • Q. How do families apply for financial aid?

    Parents must apply for financial aid online. CSW uses the tuition assistance calculation service known as Clarity to make decisions about financial aid awards. CSW requires that all parents/guardians contribute to the cost of education for their child to the extent that they are able. If a student’s parents/guardians are divorced, separated, or were never married, each parent household will be asked to individually complete their own financial aid application. The application and more information can be found here.
  • Q. What if one parent is not working?

    CSW may impute wages for a non-working parent when reviewing an application. We welcome comments in the PFS to learn more about the circumstances of a household’s employment status.
  • Q. When do families know if they will receive financial aid?

    Provided that all documentation is completed by January 15, 2024, decisions regarding both admission and financial aid are sent out together on March 10. For returning families, aid awards accompany re-enrollment contracts sent out in February. 
  • Q. If a student enrolls without financial aid, can they apply in future years?

    The Financial Aid Committee will consider applications from returning families who have not received financial assistance in the past. However, since aid is budgeted annually and is based on projected and known expenses, it is not guaranteed that the school will be able to meet the need of families in this situation. It is our expectation that students who enroll at CSW paying full tuition will continue to do so throughout their time at CSW. Families who encounter unexpected financial challenges are should contact Julie Johnstone directly through financialaid@csw.org
  • Q. Do families need to re-apply for aid each year?

    Yes. While we are committed to supporting families who receive tuition assistance, awards are not automatically renewed each year. Families who have received financial aid will be invited to apply for the next year. Families who receive tuition assistance may expect to receive a similar level of aid from year to year provided that the family’s and the school’s financial circumstances remain essentially the same. A significant change up or down in the financial profile may result in a change in the tuition assistance package. Returning CSW families are asked to submit applications and supporting materials by December 15, 2023
  • Q. What is included in tuition?

    For all students, athletic uniforms, field trips, and most weekend activities are covered in the cost of tuition. Families receiving more than 50% tuition assistance qualify for a loaner laptop that the school can provide for the student’s academic use. For boarding students, tuition includes room and board, all meals, and transportation to and from school to connect to public transportation options (e.g. train or bus station, airport). For day students, lunch is included in tuition. Breakfast and dinner are available for a fee. 
  • Q. Do families need to pay back financial aid?

    Financial aid is given as a grant and not a loan, so there is no re-payment necessary for aid received.
The Cambridge School of Weston provides sibling discounts for families with two or more children enrolled at the same time. The tuition for children beyond the first will be discounted at 10 percent.

Federal and state tax codes prohibit the school from accepting goods or services in lieu of tuition. The school is also prohibited from crediting tax-deductible contributions to a particular student's account.

The Cambridge School of Weston is a progressive high school for day and boarding students in grades 9–12 and PG. CSW's mission is to provide a progressive education that emphasizes deep learning, meaningful relationships, and a dynamic program that inspires students to discover who they are and what their contribution is to their school, their community and the world.