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    Game Show

    Join us Friday evening as CSW hosts the Game Show in the Robin Wood Theatre. This is sure to be a fun and exciting event. Check it out: https://hollyrockentertainment.com/our-gameshows/
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    Needham Bowlaway Bowling Trip

    Day & Boarding Student Activity
    Departure Time: 3:20 PM
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    Grade 11 College Counseling Night

    Garthwaite Center for Science and Art - Community Gallery - CG
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    France Trip Information Session for Parents/Guardians

    This Zoom meeting is for parents and guardians of students traveling to France in Mod 4. The information session will be recorded for all those who are unable to attend.

    A registration link will be provided.
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    Board of Trustees Meeting

    Garthwaite Center for Science and Art - Community Gallery - CG
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    AMC Movie Night

    Day & Boarding Students
    Departure Time: TBD
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    End of Mod 3 Show

    The End-of-Mod Show features an entire mod's worth of student work in the visual arts and beyond. The shows take place at the end of each mod in the Community Gallery in the Garthwaite Center for Science and Art, and various other spaces on campus.

    End of Mod 3 Gallery Walk

    Parents and guardians unable to make the morning End-of-Mod Shows are invited to join us for a scheduled series of “gallery walks” in the afternoon/evening. Come see what our students have been up to each mod!

    Grade 10 Family Gathering at the Gallery Walk

    Garthwaite Center for Science and Art - Moir Atrium - Atrium
    10th grade families are invited to stop by the Garthwaite Atrium during the Gallery Walk at 5:00 p.m. to socialize and chat. This a great opportunity to both mingle and enjoy the End of Mod 3 Art Show ahead of Rock/Pop at 7:00 p.m.!

    Please contact 10th Grade FEN Representatives Tanaysha Howell and Josh Jancourtz with questions.

    Rock Pop Ensemble

    Robin Wood Theatre
    Join us in the Robin Wood Theatre as our student musicians perform live to the musical stylings of a selected series of artists.
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    Lunar New Year Celebration

    Cheek - Swope Room - Swope
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    Harvard Model UN

    Contact: abhatia@csw.org
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    Harvard Model UN

    Contact: abhatia@csw.org
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    Harvard Model UN

    Contact: abhatia@csw.org

    Winter Outdoors Club Ski Trip

    Day & Boarding Students
    Departure Time: TBD
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    Harvard Model UN

    Contact: abhatia@csw.org

    Glow in the Dark Painting

    Location: Community Gallery

    Parent/Guardian Crafting Social

    Cheek - Swope Room - Swope
    Join us for a fun afternoon of block printing! Hosted by 11th grade FEN reps, this event is open to parents/guardians of ALL grades!
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    Rock/Pop Ensemble Watch Party

    We're excited to invite you to our 2023 Rock/Pop watch party! This year's Rock/Pop ensemble will be paying tribute to Steely Dan! This will be a pre-recorded performance. We look forward to seeing you in the chat, cheering on our musicians!
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The Cambridge School of Weston is a progressive high school for day and boarding students in grades 9–12 and PG. CSW's mission is to provide a progressive education that emphasizes deep learning, meaningful relationships, and a dynamic program that inspires students to discover who they are and what their contribution is to their school, their community and the world.