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International Student Program


At The Cambridge School of Weston, international students are included in all aspects of school life, so they have a full immersion experience which identifies and values their unique contributions.

To support the adjustment to a new school, international students take part in an orientation program prior to the start of classes. This orientation allows students to settle into their new community, get to know their dorm parents, and bond with dorm mates and student dorm leaders. The Dean of Student Life, the Director of Residential Life, the school’s counselors, and peer mentors organize and lead the orientation weekend, ensuring that new students become familiar with the resources available to them at CSW.

In addition to the orientation program, international students participate in a year-long series of workshops provided by the academic office. These workshops address the classroom environment and course expectations at CSW. Students learn how to collaborate with their peers, make use of academic resources, work in partnership with their teachers, advocate for themselves, take ownership of their learning, seek support when necessary, and manage course selection.

International students are mainstreamed into classes from day one to ensure their full inclusion in the curriculum and community. Our programs provide many opportunities in and out of the classroom for students to share and celebrate their heritage, traditions, language, and culture while at the same time being immersed in the diverse and inclusive culture that is The Cambridge School of Weston.

Where are students from?

    • Our international students come from the Bahamas, Brazil, China, Columbia, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the UK.


International Admissions Contact

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    David Mountcastle 

    Associate Director of Admissions & Director of International Admissions


List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. How many international students are at CSW?

    Each year, we have approximately 40 international students enrolled at CSW (about 13% of our total student enrollment).
  • Q. What countries are represented by CSW students?

    This changes from year to year, of course. In recent years we have had students from: Argentina, The Bahamas, Brazil, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria, Ukraine, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Qatar, and The United Kingdom.
  • Q. Can international students apply as day students? Does CSW arrange homestays?

    We believe our international students experience more of the depth of our program and the richness of our community when they are part of our residential program. Therefore, we do not arrange homestays, and it is our preference that international students apply as boarding students. We can consider a limited number of applications from international students who want to apply as day students if—and only if—the student would live with one or both parents in the area while they attend CSW.
  • Q. What is the interview process like?

    Interviews: All applicants must have an interview as part of their application process. Interviews during are offered both in-person and virtually over zoom. We will also accept Interviews completed through Vericant. 

    Please arrange to have your interview completed as early as possible, as they book quickly. If we are not able to accommodate an interview with a CSW admissions counselor, we will ask that you interview through Vericant. The deadline for completing an interview with Vericant is January 15, 2024, while the deadline for completing your interview with CSW is January 31, 2024. 
  • Q. When can I expect to receive my admissions decision?

    Decisions will be released after 4 pm EST on March 10. Acceptance packets will arrive in the mail shortly after.
  • Q. Can I qualify for financial aid or scholarships?

    Yes. We offer limited need-based aid for families who qualify. In most cases, the maximum grant available would cover 50% of full tuition. If you are considering applying for financial aid, please email financialaid@csw.org for more information
  • Q. What standardized tests are required?

    All international students who do not speak English as their native language must take the TOEFL (use school code 9641), the IELTS, or the Duolingo English test, during the year they are applying.

    CSW does not require an entrance exam such as the SSAT/ISEE. If you take one of these tests and would like to submit your scores as part of your application, you may do so, but not submitting them will not have a negative impact on your chances for admission. If you choose to submit scores, they should be sent to CSW directly. CSW’s test code for the SSAT is 2020; for the ISEE it is 222350. Scores from a PSAT, SAT, or ACT exam should be sent to us directly from your current school. Scores should be received by our office before the January 15 application deadline if you'd like them considered as part of your application.
  • Q. What are your average TOEFL and SSAT scores? What scores do I need to be accepted to CSW?

    We consider entrance exam results in relation to other pieces of the application when we evaluate an applicant’s English skills. Successful applicants in recent years have scored above 90 on the internet-based TOEFL (iBT). We do not calculate average SSAT scores of incoming students, and the SSAT is optional for those applying in 2021-22.
  • Q. Do you consider applicants for mid-year enrollment?

    We do not anticipate having space for mid-year enrollment, though you are welcome to reach out to the admissions office in mid-November for an update.
  • Q. Are there any students from my home country I can talk to?

    Please reach out to David in the admissions office, and we'll find a good connection for you!
  • Q. What does a completed application include?

    A complete application includes the following, submitted through Ravenna, our web-based application system. (We also accept materials submitted through SAO, though you'll still need to set up a Ravenna account.)
    • Application for Admission (Biographical Information)
    • Application fee
    • Student Questionnaire, which must be completed by the student
    • Parent/Guardian Questionnaire
    • A graded academic essay written in English
    • Recommendations (School Official, Current English Teacher, Current Math Teacher)
    • School Report Cards/Transcripts
    • TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo
    • SSAT or ISEE (optional)
    • Admissions Interview
    Learn more here.


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  • How are international students supported at CSW?

    In addition to receiving support from their advisors and dorm parents, The Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging  provides additional support and programming for international students throughout their CSW experience, starting with orientation. International students are included in all mainstream classes from their first days on campus. Teachers at CSW are accessible and approachable, working with less than 30 students per term, so that they have the time to really get to know and support their students. In addition, classes providing extra support are offered, as well as a student-led writing lab.
  • Are there advanced placement (AP) classes and exams offered at CSW?

    While some students each year register to take AP exams in May, CSW does not offer AP classes or AP exams. We have chosen to de-emphasize curriculum driven by standardized testing and pre-determined courses of study, in favor of a more relevant and responsive curriculum without imposed limits. We encourage families to review the Independent Curriculum website if they are interested in learning more about a growing movement of schools that emphasize teacher-generated curriculum. Rest assured that colleges know CSW well, and they know that we teach all courses at an advanced level, which is to say they are challenging, interdisciplinary courses that foster skills in critical thinking, debate, writing, and creativity.
  • How can I access Boston and Cambridge?

    CSW is only 14 miles (22km) from Cambridge and 18 miles (28km) from Boston. We provide transportation to Boston and Cambridge through our weekend activity program, taking students to Harvard Square, museums, concerts, shows, and professional sports games, among other seasonal activities. In addition, students can access the subway system through a train station approximately a mile from campus. Parents can give their CSW students permission to take Uber/Lyft, etc. if they wish.
  • How do students get transportation to events off campus/to the grocery store/to the airport?

    CSW's robust weekend activity offerings include weekly trips to a local shopping market, as well as many fun activities in the greater Boston area. We also offer transportation to/from Logan airport for Mod Breaks and school vacations.
  • What do students do on the weekends?

    CSW does not require weekend classes or sports games, but we do offer a rich array of activities each weekend.  Students can plan a weekend that balances these activities with time to focus on school work, friendships, and service. Learn more about our weekend activity offerings here.
  • How do I improve my English language skills?

    As soon as our international students come to campus they join the CSW community through integration in mainstream classes and activities with other boarding and day students. Being immersed in English language conversations, study, and media is the best way to improve your English language skills.

    For students who need additional support the Office of the Director of International Education and Global Engagement and the Skills Center will work with the students to meet their specific needs.


List of 3 frequently asked questions.

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