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At CSW, athletics are for everyone. Skilled soccer players who understand the exhilaration of scoring the game-winning penalty kick in overtime will find a home here in our competitive, interscholastic sports program. So, too, will students who want to try indoor rock climbing, yoga, or cycling for the first time. And there’s room for everyone in between.

The athletic program at CSW strives to cultivate each student’s understanding of the lifelong benefits of physical activity. Students choose from a wide range of athletic pursuits, from interscholastic competition and tournaments, to individual recreational activities such as cycling, weight training and conditioning, and martial arts. Our long-standing Wilderness Program promotes outdoor and survival skills, encourages collaboration among participants, and pushes students to challenge themselves in ways they never thought possible.

Each academic year, students are required to complete three athletic credits through participation on a competitive team sport or a combination of recreational fitness activities. Regardless of the student’s athletic choice, a constant throughout the program is fostering good sportsmanship and teamwork, respect for one's health and well-being, and a positive self-image.

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    Alan Miles 

    Director of Athletics
    Education & Degrees
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    Stephen Bushee 

    Athletic Trainer and Assistant Athletic Director
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    John Cohan 

    Athletics Department

"I look forward to every season."

"Whether it's cross country in the fall, basketball in the winter, or baseball in the spring, I love playing sports at CSW. I've made some of my best friends as a player on these teams and I look forward to every season."

— Josh, Waban, MA

"The team has grown so close, they feel like a second family."

"I helped to bring the Volleyball program to CSW and I have absolutely loved watching it evolve over the past few years. I feel proud that I helped bring together an amazing and supportive group of people. When the program first started most people had never played volleyball before, but we all worked really hard throughout the season and ended up with a solid season. By the end of the season I always feel a little sad because the team has grown so close, they feel like a second family.

— Fiona, Winchester, MA

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