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2023 Scholastic Art Award Winners

A total of 15 Gold Key awards, 18 Silver Key awards, and 27 Honorable Mentions were presented to CSW students across 12 different categories, making for a total of 60 awards. Gold Key winners will go on to be considered for national awards, which are announced later in the spring.

Frieda Dangerfield, Photography, Our First Snowy Night
Frieda Dangerfield, Photography, Morning Embrace
River Isleib, Painting, Where Do We Lie
Eirwen Kamphorst, Painting, Self Portrait After the Sprinklers
Fraser Kim, Film & Animation, Cut Piece Annotated
Lin Luo, Photography, Chained Women
Xinyuan Liu, Drawing & Illustration, Two Chickens Playing with Flowers
Yichen Liu, Drawing & Illustration, "Insomniac"
Yixin Miao, Painting, Infant
Lia Silva, Photography, Pinhole Self Portrait
Ayla Wolfe, Photography, Chalkboard
Coco Wu, Photography, Angel She
Tianrui Yang, Painting, Plastic Consumer
Lucia Yu, Fashion, 404notfound
Rui Zheng, Photography, Two Eggs

Jinrong Chu, Photography, Pistil
Jinrong Chu, Digital Art, Uterus
Sophia DeDomenico, Fashion, Manta Ray Dress
Fiona Huang, Art Portfolio, Portrait Photo Series
River Isleib, Mixed Media, Letter to Allism
Paul Lyons, Painting, Chaos' Void
Yixin Miao, Painting, Space
Alice Morton, Fashion, Chicken Jacket
Catherine Qin, Mixed Media, Avenger
Catherine Qin, Photography, Sink
Ella Sharma, Drawing & Illustration, Self Portrait
Taylor Thomas, Art Portfolio, NOT A WHITE GAZE
Alice Wang, Drawing & Illustration, Way Out
Coco Wu, Photography, Golden Ratio Girl
Coco Wu, Photography, Here
Coco Wu, Photography, He's
Tianrui Yang, Drawing & Illustration, Orbit
Lucia Yu, Drawing & Illustration, A Glance

Jinrong Chu, Photography, Chloris
Jinrong Chu, Photography, Chuba
Frieda Dangerfield, Photography, Loving Eyes
Lachlan DeAtley, Photography, Cyanotype of Shadows
Finch Donovan, Photography, Still Life with Plate
Naomi Fuhrer, Art Portfolio, Childhood Curiosity
Naomi Fuhrer, Sculpture, Doll
Fiona Huang, Art Portfolio, Drowning and Thriving
Yutong Leng, Drawing & Illustration, Slaughter house
Tess Gemmell, Fashion, Hummingbird Wing Dress
Emily Li, Digital Art, Sweet Bones
Yuetu Peng, Architecture & Industrial Design, Lake Site Anchored Barge
Yuetu Peng, Sculpture, Trauma of War
Catherine Qin, Photography, Mortal
Catherine Qin, Photography, Distance
Tallulah Stallvik, Mixed Media, Eurydice
Tetsuya Tanaka, Photography, New York City Sunset
Tetsuya Tanaka, Photography, Standing with Ukraine!
Taylor Thomas, Photography, Sunset Bay
Alice Wang, Honorable Mention, Way Out
Coco Wu, Photography, Would You?
Coco Wu, Photography, Glaube und Schönheit
Tianrui Yang, Painting, The Spider's Veil
Lucia Yu, Photography, stare
Rui Zheng, Mixed Media, Daydream Stare
Rui Zheng, Photography, Hole Illusion
Abraham Zinn-Lippard, Fashion, The Pine-Coat




2023 Scholastic Writing Awards

Gold Key & American Voices Nomination
  • Tallulah Stallvik for Poetry: "Passport Entry to the Dining Table" (Teacher: KB)
Silver Key
  • Frieda Dangerfield for Short Fiction: "Cherishing Chester: Fragments of Adolescence" (Teacher: KB)
  • Eric Wang for Personal Essay and Memoir: "The Everlasting Aftermath of My Grandfather’s Loss" (Teacher: Jeannette Lee-Parikh)
  • Tallulah Stallvik for Poetry: "Eurydice" (Teacher: Todd Bartel)

Honorable Mention
  • Mina Cho for Journalism: "The Silence of Space" (Teacher: Jeannette Lee-Parikh)
  • Z Kelley-Montgomery for Poetry: "Ode to My Father" (Teacher: Ayako Tanaka)
  • Zane Lerwill for Journalism: "The Wagner Group's Extreme Influence in the Central African Republic" (Teacher: Jeannette Lee-Parikh)
  • Tallulah Stallvik for Poetry: "my american bones" (Teacher: KB)
  • Eric Wang for Journalism: "The Seemingly Contradictory Reality: Comedians and Mental Illnesses" (Teacher: Jeannette Lee-Parikh)

The Cambridge School of Weston is a progressive high school for day and boarding students in grades 9–12 and PG. CSW's mission is to provide a progressive education that emphasizes deep learning, meaningful relationships, and a dynamic program that inspires students to discover who they are and what their contribution is to their school, their community and the world.