Weekend Activities

The activities program at CSW is open to all students, both day and boarding, and takes full advantage of the intellectual and artistic opportunities in the nearby communities of Boston.
CSW provides round-trip transportation to the Waltham shopping district on Sundays, to Harvard Square each Saturday and to nearby shopping malls and multiplex cinemas on Friday and Saturday nights. In addition, the weekend activities coordinator, working with students, organizes off-campus activities that allow both day and boarding students to come together to enjoy excursions that range from sports games and amusement parks to theater, music, and dance performances to apple picking and ice skating. Boarding students can also plan their own outings, as long as they plan ahead and follow the proper sign-out procedure for leaving campus.
CSW sponsors numerous events on campus, including band performances, dances, ice cream socials, guest performers and hypnotists, and film series. In addition, our Wilderness Program organizes four to seven trips each year during the long, module-break weekends. Expeditions include hiking, cycling, canoeing, winter and “bare bones” camping. The coordinators also organize day trips for hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, cycling and skiing.
Each dorm sets its own culture of social activities, which may include playing board games, watching the playoffs together, scary movie nights, holiday parties, Project Runway marathons or a dorm talent show.
Weekend activities are open to all students, both day and boarding, and tickets for admission to most events are provided by the school. 

• Museum of Science
• Boston Red Sox at Fenway
• Boston Celtics at the Garden
• Apple Picking
• New England Aquarium
• Boston Symphony Orchestra
• HMart
• Blue Man Group
• Nutcracker Ballet
• Paintball
• Burlington Mall
• Multiplex cinemas
• Six Flags New England
• Ice Skating at Frog Pond

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