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The CSW Language Department offers instruction in French, Mandarin, and Spanish, with coursework that addresses all four language areas: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The Language Department also offers off-campus study courses, during which students participate in immersive, intensive, and interdisciplinary experience learning in China and Taiwan, France, or Latin America.

Hear from Our Department Chair

Language Offerings

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  • French

    • French 1 - Fundamentals
    • French 2 - Transitions
    • French 3A - Intermediate
    • French 3B - Intermediate-Advanced
      Off-Campus to France
      French Elective I - The Chips are Down 
    • French Elective II - Literature and Arts
    • French Elective III - Francophone Culture 
    • French Elective IV - Portrait of Today's World
  • Mandarin

    • Mandarin 1: Fundamentals
    • Mandarin 2: Transitions
    • Mandarin 3A: Intermediate  
    • Mandarin 3B: Intermediate-Advanced 
    • Off-Campus to China and Taiwan
    • Mandarin Elective - Chinese Society and Culture through the Looking Glass
  • Spanish

    • Spanish 1 - Fundamentals 
    • Spanish 2 - Transitions
    • Spanish 3A - Intermediate
    • Spanish 3B - Intermediate-Advanced
    • Neotropics of Latin America (Off Campus)
    • Spanish Elective I - Music from Latin America and Spain
    • Spanish Elective II - Labor, Benefits, and Rights 
    • Spanish Elective III - The evolution of art in the Spanish-speaking world 
    • Spanish Elective IV -  Spanish Caribbean 
    • Spanish Elective V -  Current Events in the Spanish-speaking World 
    • Spanish Elective VI - Passion of Multitude: Understanding Latin American Soccer 
    • through Galeano’s Eyes
    • Spanish Elective VII - Selected Stories of Cortázar 
    • Spanish Elective VIII - Latinx Films

Graduation Requirements

Students must participate in language study in at least 9th and 10th grade and complete up through level 3B of French, Mandarin or Spanish. 

Sample Courses

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  • French Elective: La culture Francophone

    This course will help students expand their knowledge of French-speaking countries’ culture, history (colonial and post-colonial eras will be covered), and geography and lead them to learn about Francophone contributions to the dynamic and the impact of the social aspect of French in French-speaking countries and around the world. Furthermore, the instructional material in this course will enable students to use the conditional and subjunctive tenses and talk about the past with increasing ease, distinguishing which tense to use and when. Lastly, this course will help students hone their listening skills to enhance their understanding of native speech patterns on familiar and unfamiliar topics. 

    Books such as La Rue Cases-Nègres, articles, and other didactic supports will be available for this mission.
    This course is conducted 100% in French.
  • French Elective: The Chips Are Down

    During this two-module course, we read parts of the script Les jeux sont faits, written by Jean-Paul Sartre in 1943, and watch the film adaptation made in 1947. The title translates to "the chips are down," an idiomatic French expression that means “the bets have been placed.” The story is set in Paris, suggestive of occupied France during World War 2. We will discuss existentialism, a philosophy illustrated by the author that drives the core values of the characters in the book. We will also cover advanced grammar, current events, songs, podcasts, and articles.

    This class is also suitable for heritage speakers.

    This class is conducted in a 100% immersion setting.

    This course awards credit toward the social justice graduation requirement. 
  • Mandarin Elective: Chinese Society and Culture Through the Looking Glass

    This two-module advanced Mandarin course explores Chinese society and culture through literature, media, and performing arts. It covers a wide range of topics including Chinese cultural tradition, literary trends in history, contemporary social issues, various forms of linguistic arts and visual arts, and more. Students will read classic and contemporary literature, compose and perform a “spoken drama” of their chosen topic, appreciate different musical pieces, and watch Chinese movies or TV shows and discuss the issues involved. This course will put students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to the test and further explore their potential to fluently communicate in Mandarin and exhibit a sophisticated understanding of Chinese society and culture.     
    All electives are conducted in a 100% immersion setting.

    This course awards credit toward the social justice graduation requirement.
  • Neotropics of Latin American (Off-Campus)

    Offered every other year, this trip is a cooperative effort between the Language and Science departments. Students travel to the neotropics of Latin America for a program of immersion in tropical ecosystems and in Spanish language and culture. In the science component, students travel to various tropical ecosystems and conduct field experiments and projects. The challenges of economic development, conservation and sustainable agriculture are examined in an interdisciplinary manner. The language program consists of homestays with local families, organized field trips, and everyday conversational Spanish. Students maintain both science and Spanish journals as they travel. The program starts with an intensive pre‑orientation week at CSW prior to departure. 

    This course awards credit toward the social justice requirement. 
  • Off Campus to China/Taiwan

    In this course, students travel to China and Taiwan to strengthen their Mandarin Chinese as well as learn about the history, geography, culture, life, arts, and people in the two different Chinese societies. Students will learn to better understand and appreciate American perspective and culture through the discovery of China's and Taiwan’s.  Students will attend classes and stay in homestays in China and Taiwan. Students will keep personal journals, contribute to a group a blog, and complete a personally designed research project.
    This course awards credit toward the social justice requirement.
  • Off Campus to France

    Students will travel to France for four weeks for a program of total immersion in French language, history, and culture. During the first week prior to departure, the group will have an intensive orientation on the culture, art, history, and architecture of France, during which they will spend time working on their project presentations. They will finish the first week with presentations of their findings. The following four weeks will be spent in Montpellier, France. The students will take a French course and explore the area and the important sites surrounding them. During the last three days of the trip, they will tour Paris and Versailles During their stay in France, they will live with host families carefully selected in order to accommodate them accordingly. While traveling, students will keep a journal and fulfill other requirements adapted to their language and/or art background. Upon their return, students will prepare mandatory projects, including a research paper on their on-site findings, to earn full credit. This course, offered in module 5, is open to twelve students of advanced French. Enrollment is with department permission only. 
    This course awards credit toward the social justice requirement.
  • Spanish Elective: Current Events in the Spanish-Speaking World

    In this course, students will examine current events in the Spanish-speaking world along with their historical roots. Each week will be dedicated to a different region of the Spanish-speaking world. Sources will include articles from Spanish-language newspapers and magazines, podcasts, news clips, and blogs.
    This class is appropriate for heritage speakers.
    This class is conducted in a 100% immersion setting.

    This course awards credit toward the social justice graduation requirement. 
  • Spanish Elective: Passion of Multitude: Understanding Latin American Soccer through Galeano’s Eyes

    Using Eduardo Galeano’s text titled Soccer in Sun and Shadow, students will explore the game of soccer as a cultural practice in Latin America in order to understand how and why it has become the most popular sport in this region. Students will study the biographies of celebrated players, and all members of the class will discuss legendary World Cup games stretching from the 1930s until the 21st century. The students will read texts and watch documentaries and clips of classic games. All members of the class will be assessed on their performance across the three modes of communication: interpersonal, presentational and interpretive. The evaluation will be proficiency based on the following skills: interpersonal speaking and listening, presentational writing, interpretive reading, and interpretive listening. 
    This class is also suitable for heritage speakers.
    This class is conducted in a 100% immersion setting.

    This course awards credit toward the social justice graduation requirement. 

Language Faculty

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    Patricio Hernandez 

    Language Department Chair
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    Hannah Callahan 

    Language Faculty and Residential Faculty
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    Anne Dykiel 

    Language Faculty
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    Ben Ibbetson 

    Language Faculty and College Counselor
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    Doralis Perez-Soto 

    Language Faculty and Residential Faculty
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    Language Faculty
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    Xiaoling Shi 

    Language Faculty and Advisor for East Asian Students
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