Day Student Shuttle Options

For day students who commute to campus, The Cambridge School of Weston offers shuttle transportation to and from several MBTA stops and other locations. Below are pick-up and drop-off sites for the CSW shuttle service for the current school year. Please note there is an additional fee charged for these services and students must have a current and valid CSW student ID to use the shuttle.

Shuttle Bus Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations

Kendal Green 
(MBTA Fitchburg/South Acton Line) 
Kendal Green Station Parking Lot

Wellesley Farms 
(MBTA Framingham/Worcester Line)       
Wellesley Farms Station Parking Lot

(Green Line-D)
Riverside Station Parking Lot

(Red Line)
Bus Stop at Alewife Station

Belmont/Route 2
Belmont Center at Leonard Street 
and Concord Avenue

at Dow Ave. and Wadsworth Rd.

Wedgemere Station

In front of Starbucks on Massachusetts Avenue

MBTA Pupil Badge for the Commuter Rail offers students half-fare discounts for fares paid in cash. Cards are available through the Dean's Office during orientation and the first week of school. Monthly MBTA Student Passes for Subway and Bus cost $28.00 a month and may be ordered from the Deans' Office. Both passes are valid for unlimited travel 7 days per week during the school year. MBTA fares and schedules are subject to change. For updated MBTA commuter rail, subway, and bus information, please visit the MBTA website.

Shuttle bus schedules may be subject to change based upon traffic patterns, train schedules, and the needs of the CSW community. Please note that there is a special schedule for the final day of each Mod and the last class day prior to major school vacations.

Boarding Student Shuttle Options

For our boarding students, The Cambridge School of Weston offers a free shuttle service to and from Logan Airport and South Station during all Mod Breaks, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, and on the last day of academic year and Graduation Day.
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