Wilderness Program

Imagine hiking through the rugged peaks of New England’s White Mountains or cutting through the waves of the Atlantic on a sea kayak during your mod break. Under the guidance of professionally trained leaders, students can experience the thrill and challenge of such adventures through our longstanding Wilderness Program.

Students travel north to the White Mountains for backpacking trips in the fall; a cross country skiing, snow shoeing or ice climbing trip in the winter; or to Maine, for canoeing or sea kayaking trips in the spring.

The program provides opportunities for healthy physical and mental challenges for students of all skills levels, while teaching outdoors and survival skills. Through these trips, students gain a deeper sense of community through collaboration and respect for each other—their success depends on it!
“We try to get as many students as we can out in the woods for shared group experiences, where they can learn both how to lead and how to be a supportive member of a group. I think there’s great value in having students experience a place that they wouldn’t normally experience — wherever that place may be – and the Mod System allows for trips like this one in a way that other school’s can’t.

— Kevin Smith, Science Department Chair and Wilderness Program Director
"There was this moment at the top of the Bond Cliff when the rain and wind were pelting the group from all sides, and my feet were wet, and I was tired, and thirsty, but I wasn’t thinking about any of that, because it felt like we were on the top of the world. There’s just something so gratifying about toughing through the elements, and going beyond."

— Kelly '19

Wilderness Program Leaders

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith 

    Science Department Chair and Wilderness Trip Guide
    Bowdoin College - B.A.
    Year Appointed: 2013
  • Photo of Leah Wang

    Leah Wang 

    Wilderness Trip Guide
    Year Appointed: 2015

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