Counseling, Health, & Wellness

At CSW, Health and Wellness is a way of life. We work hard to integrate balance and wellness into our community, from the classroom to the Quad. The inclusion of Health and Wellness as a priority of our program is timely—and necessary—as evidenced by a growing body of research that demonstrates the strong relationship between physical activity and academic performance.

CSW's four-member Health Team, comprised of our School Nurse, Director of Community Health and Counseling, Athletic Trainer and Health Educator, work together to provide students with a comprehensive Health and Wellness program. They provide individualized health and mental health support that is student-centered, honors a diversity of perspectives, cultures, and values, and guides students towards leading thoughtful, healthy lives.  
Personal choice and empowerment are at the base of everything we do in health services. Students have access to the health center and the school counseling office during the school day, and the nurse is on-call 24 hours a day for boarding students. In addition, our school counselor lives on campus as part of our residential life faculty.

A teenager’s life is not without its bumps and bruises, both physical and emotional. Whether it’s stress in the classroom or a stress fracture on the soccer field, members of our health team work together to provide the support students need to thrive and grow as healthy individuals.

'We Help Students Make Good Choices'

    • <br>“As a health team, we treat more than just the injury. We try to see the student as a whole and help them make good choices about their health and well-being.”<br><br><strong> Jennifer P. Kusch</strong><br>Athletic Trainer

      “As a health team, we treat more than just the injury. We try to see the student as a whole and help them make good choices about their health and well-being.”

      Jennifer P. Kusch
      Athletic Trainer

The Health Team

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Toni Singleton

    Toni Singleton 

    School Nurse
    Year Appointed: 2019
  • Photo of Jennifer Quest-Stern

    Jennifer Quest-Stern 

    Director of Community Health & Counseling
    Wesleyan University - B.A.
    University of Vermont - M.S.
    Year Appointed: 2005
  • Photo of Jennifer Kusch

    Jennifer (Poole) Kusch 

    Assistant Director of Athletics/Athletic Trainer
    Boston University - B.S.
    University of Nebraska-Omaha - M.A.
    Year Appointed: 2005
  • Photo of Bernice Ruiz

    Bernice (Fedestin) Ruiz 

    Health Education Coordinator and School Counselor
    Boston College - Master of Social Work
    Brown University - Bachelor of Arts
    Year Appointed: 2017

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