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2020 Graduation Schedule of Events

Please note: this is an ever-evolving schedule. Updates will be posted as they are confirmed. 

Monday, June 8 — Head's Holiday for Seniors!

Head of School Lise Charlier has announced that Monday, June 8, will be a special day off from class for our seniors. From 8 a.m. to noon, in lieu of attending class, all seniors are invited to come to campus to pick up their yearbooks and a special surprise from CSW. Students who are unable to visit campus will be sent their yearbooks and surprise through the mail. 

We encourage all who are able to take advantage of this opportunity to come to campus one more time before graduation. Don't miss this chance to snap a photo with your family on the quad before you go!

Visits will be closely monitored with a limit of 10 people on campus, outside of their vehicles, at any given time. 

Wednesday, June 10, 8:00 p.m. – Senior Night
Senior Night is an evening of remembrance and celebration for all members of the senior class and CSW faculty and staff. This year's event will be conducted virtually live over Zoom. A committee of students has been formed to solidify planning. This year's theme, as chosen by the class, will be: "Rave." Not sure what that means? Think glow sticks and loud music.  

Thursday, June 11 – Last Day of Mod 6
On this last official day of school, all students will be expected at their A-B-C classes; there will be no D Block classes. The virtual End-of-Mod 6 show will be live by 8 a.m.

Friday, June 12, 9:00 a.m. — Graduation
This year's graduation will be conducted virtually with a high-quality, pre-recorded ceremony and celebration. Students and families from the Class of 2020 can expect much of the same joyous traditions the community has enjoyed in the past, with student and faculty speeches, performances, and the honoring of each individual student and their time here at CSW. 

The event will premiere at 9:00 a.m. EST on Friday, June 12. Please stay tuned for the event link. 

In an effort to provide our seniors, faculty, and staff the opportunity to share this important moment together, CSW will be setting up a special Zoom link open to seniors, faculty, staff to watch the show live at 9 a.m. on Friday, June 12. We hope to see you there!

A full recording of the event will be made available to all senior families. 


Thursday, June 10, 2021 — Celebrating the Class of 2020
Students and families from the Class of 2020 are invited to return to campus in the spring of 2021 for an additional opportunity to honor and celebrate the Class of 2020, live and in-person! Please save the date for next year! 

Class of 2020 Senior Class Gift

If you would like to learn more and/or support this project, please click here.

We're So Proud of Our Seniors!

    • Casey Alperovitz

      Casey Alperovitz

    • Ella Amouyal

      Ella Amouyal

    • Eliza Austin

      Eliza Austin

    • Emily Bartel

      Emily Bartel

    • Josh Bass

      Josh Bass

    • Ray Bauman

      Ray Bauman

    • Spencer Bernard

      Spencer Bernard

    • Jonathan Breitbart

      Jonathan Breitbart

    • Nina Bunn

      Nina Bunn

    • Mia Canning

      Mia Canning

    • Emma Clayton

      Emma Clayton

    • Mimi Clemente

      Mimi Clemente

    • Sara Cooper

      Sara Cooper

    • Leo Deng

      Leo Deng

    • Theo Dillon

      Theo Dillon

    • Nathan Dolny

      Nathan Dolny

    • Adam Dostie

      Adam Dostie

    • Sky Faas-Bush

      Sky Faas-Bush

    • William Feng

      William Feng

    • Aleks Fever

      Aleks Fever

    • Kasey Fitzpatrick

      Kasey Fitzpatrick

    •  Liam Flanagan

      Liam Flanagan

    • Isaac Frankel

      Isaac Frankel

    • Alice Freitag

      Alice Freitag

    • Renee Fritschel

      Renee Fritschel

    • Annabeth Gao

      Annabeth Gao

    • Abbey Givertzman

      Abbey Givertzman

    • Robin Glass

      Robin Glass

    • Lev Goldman

      Lev Goldman

    • Ava Goodman

      Ava Goodman

    • Eliza Greenbaum

      Eliza Greenbaum

    • Xavier Guzman

      Xavier Guzman

    • Alaina Hauber

      Alaina Hauber

    • Jessy He

      Jessy He

    • Marina Hebeisen

      Marina Hebeisen

    • Lucas Hill

      Lucas Hill

    • Tatum Holley

      Tatum Holley

    • Jalen Holmes

      Jalen Holmes

    • Ayla Horowitz

      Ayla Horowitz

    • Davis Howland

      Davis Howland

    • Ethan Hresko

      Ethan Hresko

    • Derin Iscan

      Derin Iscan

    • Shi Shi Jacobs

      Shi Shi Jacobs

    • Talia Joseph

      Talia Joseph

    • Frances Kaplan

      Frances Kaplan

    • Sydney Keller

      Sydney Keller

    • Sebastian Keppler

      Sebastian Keppler

    • Lena Kim

      Lena Kim

    • Bennet Kracz

      Bennet Kracz

    • Myles Lack-Zell

      Myles Lack-Zell

    • Paul Lian

      Paul Lian

    • Songtai Liu

      Songtai Liu

    • Saidah Lopez

      Saidah Lopez

    • Emma Loren

      Emma Loren

    • Rachel Loren

      Rachel Loren

    • Emma Luzio

      Emma Luzio

    • Claire Lynch

      Claire Lynch

    • Mac Macomber

      Mac Macomber

    • Jack Mayer

      Jack Mayer

    • Cam McAdam

      Cam McAdam

    • Jennifer Mckay

      Jennifer Mckay

    • Camden Mendik

      Camden Mendik

    • Oliver Morton

      Oliver Morton

    • Jesse Neuman-Hammond

      Jesse Neuman-Hammond

    • Winter O

      Winter O'Brien

    • Bella Patel

      Bella Patel

    • Ngoc Pham

      Ngoc Pham

    • Sol Rosenthal

      Sol Rosenthal

    • Samuel Rothstein

      Samuel Rothstein

    • Ruby Russell

      Ruby Russell

    • Becca Schmill

      Becca Schmill

    • Julia Selami

      Julia Selami

    • Maya Sklarin

      Maya Sklarin

    • Rachel Sontheimer

      Rachel Sontheimer

    • Jayson Stansbury

      Jayson Stansbury

    • Parker Stern

      Parker Stern

    • Maia Strelow

      Maia Strelow

    • Brian Taliano

      Brian Taliano

    • Jesse Terry

      Jesse Terry

    • Jake Todd

      Jake Todd

    • Charles von Peterffy

      Charles von Peterffy

    • Zac Walker

      Zac Walker

    • Bianca Wang

      Bianca Wang

    • Peter Yin

      Peter Yin

    • Jake Yolen

      Jake Yolen

    • David Yu

      David Yu

    • Jack Zhang

      Jack Zhang

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