The World in 2019

I always enjoy looking at the big wide world each January and ensuring that we all have a few key dates in mind as we go about our lives. So, once again, I am leaning on The Economist’s annual edition “The World in 2019” (highly worthwhile read—the whole issue) and making sure our lens is both global and local.
·      Happy Birthday to the Euro. Europe’s single currency turns 20
·      California becomes the first state in America to allow people to choose a gender other than male or female for state-issued IDs such as driving licenses
·      CSW hosts alumni/ae for basketball in the Fit (1/12); Diversity Day (1/24)
·      Nigerians vote for their president and parliament
·      Good deeds proliferate around the world during random acts of kindness week
·      CSW Parent Winter Social Gathering (2/2); Empty Bowls (2/15)
·      Barring an unlikely change of heart, Britain leaves the EU after 46 years in the club
·      Athletes with intellectual abilities compete in the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Abu Dhabi—the first Middle Eastern country to host an Olympic competition
·      CSW’s Dance Concert (3/7 – 3/9); Sounds of the World Choir concert (3/12)
·      Indonesians vote for their president and parliament. India, the world’s biggest democracy, due to hold elections around now
·      A new era begins in Japan as Emperor Akihito abdicates, making way for his son, Naruhito
·      Jane’s Farewell Tour goes to Washington, DC  (4/10); admissions events welcome new families
·      Art lovers pay homage to the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, who died 500 years ago at château of Amboise in the Loire Valley
·      Queen Victoria was born 200 years ago this month
·      CSW Reunion (5/3 – 5/5); Celebration of Leadership in Progressive Education (5/4)
·      Major League Baseball comes to Europe for the first time in its regular season, as the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox face each other in a two-game series in London (The UK Mouldings already have tickets!)
·      The FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off in France
·      CSW Graduation in on June 7, 2019, our 133rd
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