CSW Announces 2019 Alorie Parkhill Learning and Travel Fund Grantees

CSW is thrilled to announce that Tony Loreti and Po-wei Weng have been awarded grants from The Alorie Parkhill Learning and Travel Fund for Teachers in the second year of this program. Grants from the fund may be used for travel, study, and any form of learning and exposure that follows the recipients’ scholarly interests, with a goal of allowing recipients to grow in their knowledge and background in disciplines and subject areas that excite and engage them, before bringing their learning back to students and colleagues at CSW.  Both of the winning proposals are highly representative of CSW as a diverse community of curious and creative global citizens. And both faculty members have ambitious and exciting plans to leverage what they learn in their travels to continue to enhance CSW’s robust, dynamic curriculum.
Tony, who currently teaches photography and manages the Community Gallery, submitted a proposal to “explore the current state of fashion design in three cities that have long defined fashion—London, Paris and Milan.” He is interested in the “tension between the established tradition of the fashion industry in these cities and the many forces that are pressuring it to change…(hoping) to discover how the industry is finding the balance between convention and the avant garde, and in particular what it means to be a fashion designer now.” Tony proposes to research traditional institutions of fashion design and history, visit with young designers, and explore firsthand the expression of street style in each of the three cities. Based on this work, he will design a course (similar to the current “Food and Culture”) that integrates visual art with social and culture history to help CSW students understand the role of fashion design in US culture.
Po-wei, Mandarin teacher, chair of the language department, and international student advisor, proposes to “scrutinize how Global Education is perceived, defined, and implemented in different countries through visiting a number of educational institutions (high schools, universities, and other organizations) in the United States, as well as across Asia and Europe.” Through this extensive international study, Po-wei seeks to “gain a comprehensive knowledge and global perspective of global education, to learn the achievements and challenges of programs in the local institutions, and finally to determine how I can facilitate building a strong, integral, and sustainable global education program in support of CSW’s mission and values as a leading progressive educational institution.”                              
The 2018 Parkhill Travel Grant recipients, Carmen Leahy, Alison Safford, and Samantha Simpson, will present on their travels on May 4 at Reunion Weekend 2019. Please save the date to hear more about Carmen and Sam’s journey through Harlem/Paris: The African-American Expatriate Experience, 1900-1950, and Alison’s exploration of social design in the Netherlands and New York.
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