Photography Teacher Anne Rearick in Réunion Island

Photography teacher Anne Rearick spent her mod break as a visiting artist in La Réunion Island, a French department and island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa (between Mauritius and Madagascar). Anne was invited by a cultural organization to speak to over 700 students at 14 high schools and the university about her photographic work. 
She soaked up the sun and connected with Réunionnais from March 21-30. During her time on the island, she visited and spoke at over a dozen schools, including the university. Anne spoke to over 700 students and taught a documentary workshop for adults. 
Anne shared the best part of the trip was meeting the incredible students and teachers. She says, "Besides the dengue fever, torrential rain, the 9 foot shark in the lagoon where I was going to swim, and the 100 turtles that lived in a cage just outside my hotel door, it was an amazing trip!" 
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