CSW Celebrates Jane Moulding and Leadership in Progressive Education

Nearly 400 community members gathered on campus on Saturday, May 4, to honor Jane Moulding and her 17-year tenure as head of school and to celebrate CSW’s enduring mission as a leader in progressive education.


Guests enjoyed refreshments under the tent down on the athletics playing fields, before moving into the Health and Fitness Center for the main program. Current board chair Sarita Gandhi Shah ’86 and co-chairs Christine Marston Chamberlain ’63  and Ann Gorson P’16 got the main event started with the welcome. After, former board chairs Diane Garthwaite P’99 and Susan Vogt P’14 shared a brief video presentation, before officially launching The Jane Moulding Fund for Leadership in Progressive Education — aka Jane’s Fund. The Jane Moulding Fund for Leadership in Progressive Education was created with a lead gift of $1 million by Diane Garthwaite to celebrate Jane’s wise and caring leadership of CSW. The Fund will show the community’s appreciation for Jane and demonstrate its support of incoming head Lise Charlier and future leaders of the school.

Following personal reflections from past board chairs John Butman P’02, Michael Pappone P’02, and Anki Wolf ’67, the audience was treated to a dance and spoken-word tribute featuring alumni/ae, students, faculty, staff, and friends from a wide range of years. The performance, which included live music, covered the timeline beginning from Jane’s initial installment to the present, with a photo slideshow and relevant quotes to go along with it. The tribute was conceptualized by Sherrill Bounnell P’19, stage managed by Diane Stansbury P’20, and choreographed by Martha Armstrong Gray and Nailah Randall-Bellinger, with musical arrangements by Gustavo Brasil and Maggie Whitlock ’13.

Community members Amy d’Ablemont Burnes P’19, Harmony Bickerton ’19, Orly Burnes ’19, Robert Friesen ’71, Susan Shapiro Magdanz ’71, Frantz Batoh, Anjali Bhatia, Jennifer Jones-Clark P’05, and Sheila Watson P’12,’17,’19 then took to the stage in pairs to present Jane with a number of gifts, including a binder full of all her Pocket Change (Jane’s weekly blog) posts, and a Jane’s Farewell t-shirt, featuring all her tour stops on the back! Eric von Hippel ’59, P’09,’13 later offered personal remarks and invited Jane to the stage for a few words. The formal program ended to the tune of Abba’s “Dancing Queen,” which Jane has notoriously been known to sing karaoke to at all-school assembly.

At the end of the night, the crowd went back outside to join John Thompson P’05,’07 in a toast to Jane and the future of CSW. The mood in the tent was joyful, celebratory, and proud, as glasses clinked and community members took a moment to appreciate CSW and all that it stands for.

CSW would like to thank many community members involved in the planning and execution of Jane’s Farewell including the following:

Dancers: Bekk Carr ’19, Amber Espar ’97, Siena Evans ’06, Malik Gomes Cruz ’19, Haley Grove ’09, Adrian Hoffman ’12, William Huang ’19, Aidan Hurff ’21, Nisani Lopez ’16, Saidah Lopez ’20, Catherine Musinsky ’82, Ruby Russell ’20, Mary Vyn ’99, Colin Wilson ’08

Musicians: Gustavo Brasil, Miranda Scripp ’21, Michael Weinstein, Leo Weisskoff ’19, Maggie Whitlock ’13

Spoken Word Presenters: Jane Reynolds, Tom Evans P’06,’10, Po-wei Weng, Lisa Oslowski,
Annie Bickerton ’04, Raekwon Walker ’13, Denise Chamberland, Terry Bentley, Tad Lawrence, Kathy Chery, Brian Walker, Polly Howells ’62, Ellen Ziskind ’57, Malik Gomes Cruz ’19

Sherrill Bounnell P’19, co-chair, Amy Cody P’04,’06, co-chair, Gustavo Brasil, Doris Christelis P’14, Charlotte Ennen ’12, Emma Fedor, Andrea Finnerty, Martha Armstrong Gray, Julie Johnstone P’21, Nailah Randall-Bellinger, Diane Stansbury P’20, John Thompson P’05, P’07, Maggie Whitlock ’13

Christine Marston Chamberlain ’63, co-chair, Ann Gorson P’16, co-chair, Sarita Gandhi Shah ’86, co-chair, Annie Bickerton ’04, Amy d'Ablemont Burnes P’19, Paul Clayton P’20, John Finnerty P’21, Melanie Friesen ’67, Robert Friesen ’71, Michele Levy P’19, Jan Miner, Audrey Young P’22, Alana Zola ’09

We’d like to thank the individuals and organizations whose extraordinary generosity helped make this event possible:  Andy Bell P’08,’10, Jim Cook, Carmine Martignetti, Martignetti Companies, Atent for Rent, CulinArt Group, Ounce IT, Russ Campbell Photography, Taylor Rental
The Cambridge School of Weston is a progressive high school for day and boarding students in grades 9–12 and PG. CSW's mission is to provide a progressive education that emphasizes deep learning, meaningful relationships, and a dynamic program that inspires students to discover who they are and what their contribution is to their school, their community and the world.