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CSW Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day

On Monday, CSW observed Indigenous People’s Day together, welcoming Jared Yazzie, owner of OXDX Clothing, a Native American owned business based out of Tempe, Arizona, that specializes in graphic art, screen-printed apparel, and “cut'n'sew” clothing.
Jared spoke to us about his artwork, activism, and clothing line, all of which seek to increase awareness of indigenous issues and to show the beauty of Native culture. The name of the company, OXDX, is an abbreviation for the word “overdose,” and is a commentary on the state of modern society.

Jared showed the community some of his artwork — protest streetwear, and prints included in Native Fashion Now, an exhibit that makes a point of showing the artwork of native people who are still living, in contrast to the vast majority of native exhibitions, which feature work of people who have passed. With all of his work, from the creative conception to manufacturing and marketing, Jared makes an effort to work with all native vendors. Nearly all of the photos he shared with us featured native models, makeup artists, and photographers. He encouraged the CSW community to celebrate native cultures by buying from Native artists, rather than from large corporations that appropriate Native patterns, designs, and motifs. 

At the end of the presentation, community members were able to ask questions. One person wanted to know how Jared felt about non-Native people wearing Native designs? He responded by clarifying that his designs were for everyone, and encouraged students to wear clothing with a cause as a means of vocalizing a message without saying a word. 

Thank you, Jared, for a great presentation!

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