Fadila Traore '22 Making an Impact Virtually in Ghana

Fadila Traore '22 is only a junior at CSW but is already making an impact across the world. Since August 2020, Fadila has been working with Mother's Heritage International as the Head of Social Media.
MHI is an organization based in Ghana, West Africa, that provides a safe, healthy environment for growth and education for at-risk girls who seek refuge from harmful labor practices and treatment on Lake Volta. Fadila learned of MHI through a friend who currently works with the organization. She reached out to them expressing interest in medical missions, but due to the pandemic and possible funding issues, she knew that may not be a possibility. Aware of the impact social media can have, Fadila also offered to manage MHI's Instagram to help increase their exposure and fundraising so they'll be able to offer more medical missions. 

Fadila says she felt connected to the organization even before she began working with them. Her family is from Togo, West Africa, so Fadila understood firsthand what women and children in both of these countries experience not receiving the adequate resources they need to succeed and thrive. She knew she wanted to be a part of the change, even if she could not travel to Ghana and do groundwork there herself. 

In early August, one of the co-founders, Fafali Nukunu, put all of her trust in Fadila's drive and dedication to help MHI and gave her full control of their Instagram account. 

"Fafa put so much faith and confidence in me and always treated me like an adult, and I used it to my advantage, which allowed me to unleash my creativity and design the revamp of MHI ‘s social media and team," says Fadila. "It’s a lot of work, and I definitely still have a lot to learn and we as a team still have a long way to go, but it’s amazing to see people support us through the transition regardless, and see the importance of the organization," she adds.

Recently, Fadila and co-founder of MHI, Fafali, went live on Instagram to discuss the economic impact that COVID-19 has had on low-income women.

"Facilitating the live this past weekend really showed me the power in numbers and support, no matter how small they may seem!" Fadila says. She added that seeing people from the CSW community watching, following, and engaging with Mother Heritage International's Instagram gave her the confidence she needed and reassured her that she is on the right track and her work for the organization can really create change.

Watch the live discussion here.

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