Students Earn 65 Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

A total of 19 Gold Key awards, 19 Silver Key awards, and 28 Honorable Mentions were presented to CSW students across 11 different categories, making for a total of 66 awards. One student also earned a "Best in Category: Art" Award. Three students also earned Silver Key Regional Writing Awards! Gold Key winners will go on to be considered for national awards, which are announced in the spring.

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Gold Key award-winning work will be exhibited at the Massachusetts Scholastic Art and Writing Awards regional online exhibition. The virtual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards regional celebration will take place on Thursday, March 4. It will be a 10-15-minute ceremony that airs on YouTube Premieres and will feature a greeting from the Alliance, a few readings from students around the country, a few greetings from various partners around the country, and some brief compiled remarks from jurors.

Scholastic Regional Writing Awards
Student NameGradeTeacherIndividual AwardsWork CategoryWork Title
Haiqi Li11Jeannette Lee ParikhSilver KeyPoetryMetropolis
Emily Lundberg12Ayako TanakaSilver KeyPersonal Essay & MemoirVarberg
Elias Wallman12Jeannette Lee ParikhSilver KeyPoetryDrawn

Best in Category: Art
Roxy Huang12Todd BartelGold KeyArchitecture & Industrial Design[Re]migration

Scholastic Regional Art Awards - Gold
Lu Beard11Anne RearickGold KeyPhotographySearching
Jimari Brea11Anne RearickGold KeyPhotographyPorch
Waylon Cavanaugh11Anne RearickGold KeyPhotographyDad
Kelvin Duan12Todd BartelGold KeyDrawing & IllustrationReincarnation
Kelvin Duan12Todd BartelGold KeyMixed MediaDivination No.01
Willa Field11Todd BartelGold KeyPaintingBroadway In Color: André
Roxy Huang12Todd BartelGold KeyArchitecture & Industrial Design[Re]migration
Roxy Huang12Todd BartelGold KeyPaintingAbstract Layers
Edison Kao12Tony LoretiGold KeyPhotographyI Am A Jerk
Lola Koepke12Todd BartelGold KeyMixed MediaUnconscious Yield
Henry Li11Tony LoretiGold KeyPhotographyA Plot
Henry Li11Tony LoretiGold KeyPhotographyUtility Pole
Henry Li11Tony LoretiGold KeyPhotographyPeach
Iris Lu12Yuanan ChengGold KeyPainting89 Prospect Road, Andover MA
Rayne Moss12Alison SaffordGold KeyExpanded ProjectsLooking Forward, Carrying the Past
Lizzi Nixie12Alison SaffordGold KeyArt PortfolioNixie's Cave
Kiva Nolan12Alison SaffordGold KeyArt PortfolioCollection of Constructed Pieces
Coco Wu10Anne RearickGold KeyPhotographyRelease

Scholastic Regional Art Awards - Silver Keys
Katie_Baum12Todd BartelSilver KeyPaintingI remember.
Lu Beard11Anne RearickSilver KeyPhotographyLight Through Darkness
Lu Beard11Anne RearickSilver KeyPhotographyBodies
Kelvin Duan12Todd BartelSilver KeyDrawing & IllustrationSeagull
Kelvin Duan12Todd BartelSilver KeyMixed MediaPsychedelic Speed Freaks
Kelvin Duan12Todd BartelSilver KeyMixed MediaDivination No.02
Kelvin Duan12Todd BartelSilver KeyMixed MediaDivination No.08
Willa Field11Todd BartelSilver KeyPaintingBroadway In Color: Renée
Naomi Fuhrer10Alison SaffordSilver KeyFashionWisteria hat
Ashley Ho12Anne RearickSilver KeyPhotographyDorm Room During the Pandemic
Roxy Huang12Todd BartelSilver KeyArt PortfolioRoxy's Architectural Portfolio
Edison Kao12Tony LoretiSilver KeyPhotographyI to the Call of Duty
Haiqi Li11Tony LoretiSilver KeyPhotographyBride
Iris Lu12Yuanan ChengSilver KeyPaintingAlone
EJ Wallman12Todd BartelSilver KeyDrawing & IllustrationSharpener Deconstructed
Alice Wang10Todd BartelSilver KeyDrawing & IllustrationBest wishes

Scholastic Regional Art Awards - Honorable Mentions
Kai Abitbol-Pierce12tom tomHonorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationSelf Portrait
Kai Abitbol-Pierce12Anne RearickHonorable MentionPhotographySpirits in House
Lu Beard11Anne RearickHonorable MentionPhotographyWarmth Lives On
Richard Cui11Tony LoretiHonorable MentionPhotographyFork
Richard Cui11Tony LoretiHonorable MentionPhotographySocial Distance
Zoe Davis12Todd BartelHonorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationLost in the Woods No. 5
Zoe Davis12Todd BartelHonorable MentionArt PortfolioLost in the Woods
Kelvin Duan12Todd BartelHonorable MentionMixed MediaDivination No.06
Kelvin Duan12Todd BartelHonorable MentionMixed MediaDivination No.07
Kelvin Duan12Todd BartelHonorable MentionArt PortfolioDivination [suite of 11 diptychs]
Ivana He12Anne RearickHonorable MentionPhotographyWake Up
Ashley Ho12Anne RearickHonorable MentionPhotographyPortrait in a Pandemic
Fiona Huang10Todd BartelHonorable MentionPaintingStill Life in Purple
Fiona Huang10Tony LoretiHonorable MentionPhotographyDroplet in Black & White
Roxy Huang12Todd BartelHonorable MentionArchitecture & Industrial Design"Freedom"? Or "Violence"?
Roxy Huang12Todd BartelHonorable MentionArchitecture & Industrial DesignMicroscopic Life in Shanghai
Edison Kao12Tony LoretiHonorable MentionPhotographyI Am Thomas Edison
Lola Koepke12Todd BartelHonorable MentionPaintingReordering Chaos
Iris Lu12Yuanan ChengHonorable MentionPaintingEscapism
Iris Lu12Yuanan ChengHonorable MentionPaintingRest
Iris Lu12Todd BartelHonorable MentionArt PortfolioLightning in a Bottle
Kiva Nolan12Alison SaffordHonorable MentionFashionFitted Bulbous Tank
Rebecca Spence12Anne RearickHonorable MentionPhotographyReaching
Rebecca Spence12tom tomHonorable MentionArt PortfolioWhere I Am Is Weird
Alice Wang10tom tomHonorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationAfter All
Coco Wu10Todd BartelHonorable MentionPaintingSoul
Frances Yang12Todd BartelHonorable MentionDigital ArtWant 2
Lucia Yu9Alison SaffordHonorable MentionFashionKlimt Dress

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