Lise's Lens: April 7, 2022

This week, Lise shares notes and an image from her recent trip to Washington D.C. and reflects on National Poetry Month, Capstone Season, and the great success of the 2022 CSW Day of Giving!

  • Did you know that it is National Poetry Month? I thought this was an interesting poem juxtaposing the horrors of war with the commonplace activities and events of everyday life. It is a juxtaposition that is both jarring and troubling. Through art, we can most clearly see this age-old dilemma. 


  • We are entering one of my most favorite times of year: Capstone Season! It is during this time that seniors present the projects they have been working on throughout the school year. I eagerly await this time every year and get very excited (and frustrated because I cannot see all of them!). I believe that Capstones bring out the best of what we hope CSW instills in our students: picking an area of passion and/or curiosity, digging deeply and critically into it, and learning how to present your findings in a clear and cohesive way. 
  • As a trustee of CSEE (Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education), we gather in D.C. once a year to think deeply about the mission of the organization and how to support independent schools and contribute to the greater good. One of the activities we do as a board that I enjoy is a walk about town with other trustees. We try to make this walk and grouping organic. The group I fell into decided to simply take a one-hour walk around the National Mall because it was a beautiful day and some newer members had never been. As we were walking I realized that I had NEVER been to the Roosevelt Memorial! I was so moved by the whole experience of walking through that space, taking the time to pause at each of the quotes that were engraved in the boulders. 

  • I also cannot stop thinking about our wonderful Day of Giving Event yesterday. I was so proud to see so many community members across a wide variety of constituencies rally to show their support for CSW and all we do here. It is so important that the efforts of our faculty and staff are seen and valued, and your engagement sends this message loud and clear. This is an amazing community in which to work and live. 


As I mentioned, I was recently in Washington D.C. to attend a conference and visit with alumni/ae, and I visited this Sculpture Garden on the National Mall. It was so nice to walk around outside with new and familiar acquaintances and take in all the beautiful artwork and monuments available to the public in the U.S. capital.

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