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Rita Goldberg Speaks to Community for Jewish Heritage Month

In honor of Jewish Heritage Month, CSW was pleased to welcome Rita Goldberg, author of “Motherland: Growing Up with the Holocaust.” Rita taught literature at Essex and Cambridge Universities in England for nearly ten years, went on to teach at MIT, and is now a lecturer in comparative literature at Harvard University.

In her address to the community, Rita shared her mother Hilde’s remarkable Holocaust survival story, tracing her journey from her youth in Berlin, to a daycare center in Amsterdam, and going on to take shelter with various families across the Netherlands and later Belgium. Amazingly, Hilde even once swam across the border from the Netherlands to Belgium, eventually making it to Brussels, where she met her husband, Rita’s father. After, community members were able to ask questions. One student asked how one might get started exploring their own family histories. Another student asked what, if any, gaps or holes still existed in Rita’s understanding of her history. 

CSW thanks Rita for an outstanding presentation. 

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