Sustainability Committee Hosts Earth Day Programming

This week, in observation of Earth Day on April 22, students on CSW's Sustainability Committee organized a series of 15 interactive workshops related to sustainability, the environment, and green living.
Community members were each able to attend and participate on one of the following one-hour sessions:
  • The Ocean River Institute, with Rob Moir '72 (executive director of The Ocean River Institute)
  • Environmental History, with Rachel Hirsch (History Department)
  • Animals and Ecosystems, with Anne Meinke (Math Department)
  • Sustainable Architecture, with Daniel Arons (principal, Perkins—Eastman) — the architect behind the design of the Garthwaite!
  • Vegan Cooking, with Adriel Roncal (Language Department)
  • Environment and the Economy, with Proshanto Mukherji )Math Department)
  • Making Bioplastics, with Alison Safford and Anne Rearick (Visual Art Department)
  • Studying Water Quality, with Lizzy Knight (Science Department)
  • Environmental Sculpture, with Tom Evans (Visual Art Department)
  • Studying Coral, with Madi Melville '24 and Brit Garner (Science Department)
  • Environmental Photo, with Dee Tran (Visual Art Department)
  • Dance with Environment, with Nailah Randall-Bellinger (Dance Department)
  • Upcycling, with Calin Duke (Theatre Department)
  • Using Machine Learning to Predict Weather, with Rashid Chatani (Science Department)
It was a tremendous day of hands-on learning, all in honor of a highly important issue in the lives of our students. Thank you to all involved in organizing and leading sessions!

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