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Lise's Lens: June 1, 2023

Lise observes Pride month with the “It Gets Better” campaign, checks in on the Marine Bio Blog, and considers the importance of discovering or reclaiming one’s name. 

  • In honor of Pride Month I’ve been checking out the blog for “It Gets Better.” For those who aren’t familiar, It Gets Better is a movement that started in 2010 to “uplift, empower, and connect LGBTQ+ youth around the globe.” I love how everything they put out is filled with encouragement and positivity. One post, in particular, that caught my eye was this one on Rainbow Parenting by activist Lindz Amer.
  • I have been thinking about our students and teachers on the Marine Bio trip to Hurricane Island. They will be there until June 3, working with the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership. Be sure to check out their photo blog to see all of the amazing research they have been working on. What an amazing experience for them to be able to contribute to important, long term scientific research. 

  • May was AAPI heritage month and the Globe put together this lovely collection of videos in which readers and local readers who identify as AAPI share the history and meaning behind their names. It’s interesting how so many of them have felt the need or desire to “reclaim” their names after having americanized or altered their given ways in some way. 
Last night we honored our graduating international students with a special dinner and gifts. We will miss them dearly!


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