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Lise's Lens: November 9, 2023

The intersection of art and science, sustainability consultant Liz Cutler, and a new Netflix miniseries are the focus of this week’s edition.

  • I was glad to read this article in the LA Times about Getty’s huge “PST Art” initiative. They’ve set an impressive goal of combining art and science with a huge public component, with the ambition of being inclusive to many age groups and interests. The vision leans on the intersection of these two fields, as well as what it means to the audience and what role they might play in both the input of these projects and the experience of these exhibitions and programming. In many ways it resonates with what CSW tries to do — albeit on a massively different scale!
  • I am thinking about our visit with sustainability consultant Liz Cutler and her thought-provoking questions and observations. I am looking forward to reviewing the results of her findings, sharing with the community, and potentially integrating any recommendations into our strategic plan. Her visit serves as a reminder of how valuable it can be to be vulnerable — to let your guard down  and to allow a neutral party to offer feedback on daily practices and habits. We’re all so busy, sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees.

  • Years ago I read Antyhony Doerr’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel All the Light We Cannot See and loved it. It’s now a mini-series on Netflix and I’m excited to give it a watch and see how the show stacks up against the novel. NPR gave it a good review and to my great joy, I learned that one of the two main characters who is legally blind in the novel is played in the movie by a first-time actress who is also legally blind!  
At our assembly with Liz, she challenged each of us to come up with one behavior we would like to change. I also love this image because Liz is backdropped by the very cool (and very GREEN — everything was made from recycled cardboard) set for the Fall Theatre Production of As You Like It, which opens tonight!

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