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Lise's Lens: January 11, 2024

This week I read about the disparities in reading skills in Massachusetts, reflect on our MLK Jr. Day Assembly, and watch Missy Elliott's induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

  • As an educator and a linguist, I was fascinated by this Boston Globe piece exploring the way reading is taught in Massachusetts schools. The state, the article explains, “doesn’t require districts to use evidence-based reading instruction, built around decades of brain science about how kids learn to read. Structured literacy, as this approach is often called, teaches kids to consistently use phonics rules to sound out unknown words, and it incorporates lessons that build kids’ general knowledge to help them unlock meaning.” While students from educated, high income families find ways to get around this, students from less privileged backgrounds suffer and fall behind, no matter what town they live or study in. 
  • I am thinking about the amazing panelists we welcomed for our MLK Day Assembly yesterday on the topic of community organizing. It was so inspiring to hear from people with such fervor and passion for what they do. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, kindness, and selflessness to build an organization from the ground up, and I am proud that our school has been able to partner with these amazing groups. I hope our students came away feeling as inspired as I did. 
This past week, while students were still enjoying time off, our faculty and staff got together for a day of professional development, during which we learned how to think and strategize like a futurist. Here’s a photo of a few of us in action!

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