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Lise's Lens: January 18, 2024

This week I am reading advice for the workplace, thinking about food waste, and considering the roles that statues play in our communities. 

  • I have a long list of books I would like to read in hopes of improving myself as a leader, colleague, and educator. Whether I actually find the time to read them is a different story… So I was pleased to stumble across a round-up in Time magazine, offering some of the best advice editors were able to glean from books published in 2023 about workplace management.
  • I am thinking about the Sustainability Committee’s fascinating presentation at assembly this week, in which they shared the results of the food waste audit they have been working on here at CSW. The group diligently worked with the dining hall staff to weigh discarded food after each meal, and generated some really informative statistics, along with recommendations on how we can all work to minimize food waste on campus. Their work has already made me much more mindful about how much food I am taking each day.
  • I enjoyed this WBUR story about Wen-ti Tsen, a local artist creating bronze statues in honor of the everyday workers who helped to establish and build Boston’s vibrant Chinatown neighborhood — a laundryman, a restaurant worker, a caretaker, etc. It continues the important conversation that’s been going on in recent years about who we decide to commemorate with our statues and why. I think it’s so wonderful that some of the hidden figures of history, who went through so much to break new ground in their communities, will now be recognized and remembered in such a beautiful way.  
On Wednesday night, a group of students from the class of 2024 got together to work on their senior yearbook pages in the library. What a fun and exciting group activity!

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