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Lise's Lens: January 25, 2024

I am going into the mod break thinking about rock/pop, our winter wilderness adventurers, and a fascinating book I've been reading.

  • I am completely caught up in a novel by Alexandra Lapierre called Belle Greene. Here is what I will share:  Belle was living at a time where, as a Black woman, she couldn’t have held the position she had as JP Morgan’s private librarian (at that time, collecting rare books was one way that the uber rich would “One up” each other). This is a novel about Belle’s courage, her daring moves both socially and in the world of acquisition… and a lot more. I’m almost at the end of the book but it’s kept a tight hold on me. Apparently there will be an opportunity to learn more about her and visit the JP Morgan library in NYC this Spring… I’m booking a trip!
  • I am thinking about our students and faculty headed into the White Mountains of New Hampshire for the 2024 Winter Wilderness Trip over the break. From today through Saturday, students will snowshoe through the mountains, spending their nights in AMC backcountry huts. Hiking through the cold isn’t for everyone, but every year, the kids come back raving about the experiences. There’s just something so re-energizing and healing about being outside in the fresh air of nature with friends, exercising your body — without cell service! I wish them an amazing (and safe!) experience.

  • Wow. I was blown away by the talent on display at this week’s Rock/Pop tribute to Queen. As usual, this was not your average high school music performance. The caliber of the production from the lighting to the sound to the technical prowess of the musicians was top notch and I am so proud of all involved. More than that, I had FUN. What a great, feel-good way to close out the mod. Bravo! 
At our Winter Boarding Dinner last weekend, students got the chance to decorate their own sustainable grocery bags. Check out this incredible sampling of designs!

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