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Upcoming Shows from the Visual Arts Department

CSW is proud and excited to share that three members of the Visual Art Department have shows coming up.

Consumption Drawings by Alison Safford opens March 1 at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, NH. 

Alison work in Consumption Drawings is in response to how power consumes; from natural to human resources, from personal to impersonal. This ongoing series of more than 1,000 small drawings were created over the past 8 years as a way for the artist to process personal art concepts and imagery, daily interactions and questions, obsessive memories, and struggles with the outpouring of news of war and violence in its many forms. Learn more here

Anne Rearick will have a selection of photographs on view at Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière until March 9, 2024. 

From the Gallery: Anne Rearick's photographs express a profound sense of life. Her approach steers away from a frontal observation of the world and its people. Instead, Rearick captures moments of complicity, when her subjects reveal their full presence. Using a combination of references to the history of art and the history of American cinema lend a temporal ambiguity to these images, where reality morphs into symbol. Portraits take on the name of allegory, and landscapes that of Arcadia. Check out more on the gallery's website!

As Is, by Todd Bartel, opens March 11, 2024, at Centro Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea in Rome. 

“As Is” is a result of Todd's artist residency in Rome in 2023 and is part of an on-going series of projects with the Fondazione Salvatore Meo and the Archivio Cosetta Mastragostino in Rome. The words "as" and "is" perfectly describe the aesthetic of the objet trouvé and the mutual dedication to collage and assemblage as a creative format between Todd's work and Salvatore Meo's work. As a common phrase, "as is" denotes an existing condition of something without any modifications or improvements. But as individual words, they respectively offer different levels of comparison — key ingredients of all collage-based work. Read the press release here

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