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From kudos to scavenger hunts, scary movie nights to competitive Rock, Paper, Scissor tournaments, each dorm is its own community with personality, culture, and traditions all its own. Boarding students will find a close-knit, home-away-from-home. Each of the school's four dormitories are unique in character and identity, but share a common goal: to provide a thoughtful and caring community in which students learn to balance freedom with responsibility in their personal, social and academic lives. The diverse student population in the dorms creates an exciting and creative home full of bright and thoughtful students. The residential life community comes together regularly for town meetings, dorm meetings, family-style dinners, weekend activities and lots of spontaneous fun in between.

Aleph Dorm (Boys)

ALEPH, a boys dormitory, is home to approximately 22 boys. Alephians describe themselves as funny, diverse, thoughtful, and quirky. They describe their dorm as "a big family." Aleph is also home to dorm parents Melodie Knowlton and Patrick Foley, as well as Po-wei Weng, and their respective families. Patrick is the chair of CSW's History Department. Po-wei is a Mandarin teacher at CSW and has been the school's cultural and language liaison to the Yihai School, CSW's sister school in Beijing. He was previously a dorm parent in Trapelo. Caleb Colpitts is the dorm associate in Alpeh and he is also a second-year fellow in CSW's teacher training program, Progressive Education Lab.

Barn Dorm (Girls)

THE BARN, a girls dormitory, is home to approximately 25 girls. The "Barnies" describe the personality of their dorm as: creative, diverse, lively, easygoing, social, laughter-filled, caring and close-knit. Dorm parents LeeAnn and Sandy Brash, as well as Kevin Smith and Leah Wang, also call the Barn home. LeeAnn teaches math at CSW, and she and Sandy have been dorm parents at CSW since 2009. Previously, they were dorm parents in Trapelo (when it used to be a girls' dorm!). Kevin teaches in the Science Department. Jermaine Thibodeaux, history teacher, is the Barn's dorm associate.

Trapelo Dorm (Boys)

TRAPELO, a boys dormitory, is home to approximately 22 boys. Trap dorm parents describe the personality of their dorm as: social, lively, fun, positive, caring, intelligent and mature, with strong student leaders. Dorm parents Jane and Nick Reynolds and Christopher Whittaker also live in Trapelo. Jane and Nick both teach English at CSW. Previously, Jane was a dorm associate in Trapelo. Chris, who teaches film and video, joins CSW from the Foreman School, where he was also a house parent. Michael Vercillo, 2nd year PEL fellow, is the dorm associate.

Warren House (Girls)

WARREN HOUSE is our newest dorm and it is home to approximately 24 girls and to dorm parents Melisa and Michael Kjellander and Evelina and Yevgeniy Galper, as well as dorm associate Mark Santa MariaMelisa is an associate director of admissions, and she and Michael have been dorm parents at CSW since 2007. They have also served as dorm parents at the Barn. Evelina is the chair of the Math department and also the mother an alumnus, who recently graduated from CSW. Mark is the chair of the English department. Mark's wife, Denise, works in the Admissions office. 

Take a Virtual Tour of Warren House, led by CSW Dean of Student Life Aaron Hirsch!
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