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Progressive education demands a different sort of student-teacher partnership—one of shared inquiry and mutual respect. It requires that faculty be deeply engaged in the art of teaching, passionate about their subject matter, and fully invested in the work of inspiring bold learners and creative thinkers.

Our faculty are all that...and more. They set high expectations for themselves, their colleagues, and their students, never settling for “good enough.” They create a dynamic environment that encourages determined, curious young people to challenge conventional thinking. They take the time to get to know students as learners and individuals.

We encourage you to take a moment and think about the faculty members you have met at CSW And we invite you to join other committed and forward-thinking donors in making a gift to Partners in Progress today. Together, we can ensure that CSW has the resources to invest in our faculty, as those extraordinary educators invest in our students and our community.

Thank you for your support.

Become a Partner in Progress... Support the CSW Annual Fund

When we ask students for one word to describe their experience at CSW, “transformational” is consistently at the top of the list. Each mod, and each year, CSW students embark upon transformational journeys from inquiry to impact. But they don’t take that journey alone. Our unique progressive model, deeply engaged faculty, extraordinarily diverse curriculum,  passionate, inclusive community… all come together to create this one-of-a-kind high school where bold learners and creative thinkers learn who they are and how they will contribute to their school, their community, and the world around them.  

When you become a Partner in Progress, you fuel those transformational journeys… today, and for years to come. Join us!

Your Gift is Vital in Supporting

  • Faculty and coaches who see the extraordinary potential in every student
  • Tuition assistance that allows us to maintain a diverse and inclusive community.
  • Upgrades to classrooms, technology, dorms and equipment
  • Sustainable choices and socially responsible education
  • Integrated studies opportunities and engaging student trips and experiences
  • Programming that helps CSW students learn how to make healthy choices

Help Us Reach Our Goal of $900,000 by June 30, 2021

The Cambridge School of Weston is a progressive high school for day and boarding students in grades 9–12 and PG. CSW's mission is to provide a progressive education that emphasizes deep learning, meaningful relationships, and a dynamic program that inspires students to discover who they are and what their contribution is to their school, their community and the world.