It’s not our learning experience. It’s yours.

Our academic program, known as the Mod System, offers breadth, depth, and intensity you won’t find at any other high school. Within its 6x6 framework (six terms of six weeks each) — and with the guidance of faculty, advisors, and college counselors — you’ll choose from over 250 classes to craft a highly personalized schedule that prepares you for the rigor of college study, allows you to dive into current areas of interest, and invites you to explore new fields of study.

The CSW academic experience expands and deepens as you progress through the grade levels. Within the 18 main blocks of a single year’s schedule, earlier grades focus on building core competencies and foundational skills while still leaving room for choice and exploration. Scheduling possibilities expand in the upper grades, when opportunities for elective courses increase, and you can more deeply delve into areas of interest, sharpen your focus in chosen subjects, and continue to try out new things.

Program Highlights

Social Justice Requirement

CSW is proud to be the first independent school in the country to include a Social Justice Requirement among our graduation requirements — evidence of our deep commitment to cultivating engaged citizens with global consciousness and a sense of social responsibility.

Off-Campus Study

The flexibility within our Mod Plan allows for students to travel for a mod (3-5 weeks) to study: Spanish and ecology in the rainforests of Central America; French language, history, and culture in Paris; Mandarin and the arts in Taiwan; or marine life at Maine's Hurricane Island

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PACE: Promoting Awareness & Community Engagement

Through the PACE program, we dedicate time for experiential classes, events, and activities that prepare our students to meet the demands of an increasingly complex and diverse world. A four-year co-curriculum, PACE was designed to ensure that all CSW students develop self-awareness, social consciousness, healthy living habits, and leadership skills

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Senior Capstone Project

All seniors are required to complete a Capstone Project that demonstrates the interdisciplinary, critical, and creative thinking skills. Recent topics include: Building An Eco-Friendly Computer, Queerness in Chinese Popular Culture, Writing a Novel, Deep Learning Algorithms in Python, Community Demographics & Healthy Food Access, and Bee-Keeping.

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Tenets of Progressive Education at CSW

Progressive education was introduced in the late 19
th century as a response to the standardization of traditional education. Today, in a world where creative thinking is a critical success factor in so many aspects of life and work, its principles are more relevant than ever.  

Our faculty have identified the following four tenets of progressive education at CSW:
  • Student-oriented: Students who influence their learning by making choices about what and how they learn deepen their interest in the knowledge, skills, and concepts being taught.
  • Active: Students who engage through actions with the intent of learning develop transferable learning habits.
  • Justice-minded: Students who learn in an environment designed to be equitable and inclusive extend their understanding beyond their biases and assumptions.
  • Challenging: Students who embrace learning at the edge of their understanding and ability develop the resilience for challenging growth.

The Mod System allows me to focus on the topics that interest me.

"I knew I was interested in engineering before I came to CSW, and the Mod System has allowed me to build my schedule accordingly. I plan to major in aerospace and mechanical engineering in college, and classes like “Studies of Flight,” “Physics: Electricity and Magnetism,” and “Computer Science,” — in addition to my role on the competitive robotics team — have really strengthened my confidence and ability."
— Bram, West Newton, MA

Graduation Requirements


Grade 9:   Writing Foundations Workshop (2 Blocks) + 1 Elective Literary Arts Courses
Grade 10:   Writing About Reading 1 + 2 Elective Literary Arts Courses
Grade 11:   Writing About Reading 2 + Advanced Writing Portfolio
Grade 12:   3 Electives


Grade 9:   Food, Justice, Power + 1 Elective
Grade 10:   Race in the U.S.: Black America and/or Elective
Grade 11:   3 Electives
Grade 12:   3 Electives


Geometry + Algebra 2 + 1 Block Beyond Algebra 2


Biology + STEAM + 3 Blocks Beyond STEAM


Language Level 3 (3A and 3B, 2 mods each)

International students and language waiver qualified students may opt out of this requirement. 

Students must complete coursework in three of four disciplines.

Grade 9:   2 Blocks
Grade 10:   2 Blocks
Grade 11:   2 Blocks
Grade 12:   2 Blocks

  • 10 Social Justice courses over CSW career
  • Involvement in PACE programming
  • 3 Athletic credits per year
    • One athletic exemption is granted for mainstage productions. Students are limited to two athletic exemptions per year. 
  • 18 D Block credits (6 in Grade 9; 5 in Grade 10; 4 in Grade 11; 3 in Grade 12)

Transcript Requests

Please follow the directions below to request an official transcript.
Please email with the following information:
1. Your name while you attended CSW
2. Graduation/attendance year(s)
3. Reason for transcript request
4. Physical address or email address to send the transcript to
Please note: Transcript requests may take 5-10 business days to process so please plan accordingly.

The Cambridge School of Weston is a progressive high school for day and boarding students in grades 9–12 and PG. CSW's mission is to provide a progressive education that emphasizes deep learning, meaningful relationships, and a dynamic program that inspires students to discover who they are and what their contribution is to their school, their community and the world.